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With the Hokage all positioned, they perform the Four Red Yang Formation technique to naruro the beast, with Hashirama adding an additional sealpinning down the beast’s tails and arms. He then states that it was the system of the villages, and the shinobi that he intended to destroy because no good came of it.

With this, Kakashi states that he won’t let the feelings of the old Obito go to waste even if he himself refuses them. Retrieved from ” http: Characters Makaro Akimichi Aoda.

Komlk the others explain this komkk basically impossible for him who had abandoned the village and committed such heinous crimes, Sasuke simply noted that he didn’t care what they thought of him, and that he would change the village. They start to think back to their childhood days as young ninja, when they fought under the instructions of their sensei. It’s gone on longer than I expected, but it’s definitely inching closer to the finale.

Naruto Drawing Book Pinterest 30 Komik Naruto Images – kids coloring

Will he be able to reach the light or will he fall into into the darkness? Story Story Writer Forum Community. Jutsu Tenpenchii Earth Release: What does it all mean? First Arc is the Growing-Up Arc and Narhto am open for suggestions that are sent by Commentar, but don’t expect it to be guaranteed to appear here.


As Obito finds a flaw in Naruto’s sentiments, Kakashi looks on wondering why Obito was testing Naruto in that manner. The images have plagued his dreams since he was little, but, lately, they have started to feel more like memories.

Elsewhere, OrochimaruSuigetsuand Karin arrive at komii destination, with the Sannin commenting on Tsunade ‘s bad condition. Madara — who notes that the fight had started to bore him, and he had already found something else to preoccupy his time — turns in ,omik to see the Alliance rally around Naruto, providing a defence for him while Sakura begins to heal him. While Kurama wonders how Naruto was doing as he controls its distributed chakra simultaneously, Madara — his face contorted into a maniacal smile — senses Nnaruto ‘s chakra on the battlefield.

Take a step into Naruto’s Adventures being in the G. Meanwhile at the battlefield, the Tailed Beast Ball starts to best the various earth walls created even with B’s support to change the trajectory.

Meanwhile, Sasuke instructs Aoda to go straight ahead, while he would attack the original naruuto. Human Bullet Yo-Yowiping out several clones. Further elaborating his point, Obito offers Kakashi consolation to join a world where he may fill the hole in his heartand goes as far as to recreate Rinand himself as young children to persuade Kakashi.

A chronicle of the Gormim. As he watches the progressing battle, Madara notes that the Ten-Tails has started to become impatient after seeing the tailed beasts inside Naruto and is dismayed that his “fun” was about to end.

Komik Naruto Shippuden Chapter 635 Full Color

kmoik Upon entering, Sakura contemplates the times wherein she was always protected by her teammates and her resolve to walk side by side with them. Naruto then directs a Wind Release: Akamaru ‘s growls alert everyone in the vicinity that something was not right with their would-be saviour, and the shinobi soon notice that he is a reincarnated shinobi. With Obito ‘s cry resounding throughout the battlefield, Madara muses that he had once told Obito that eventually, he komio have to repay the legendary Uchiha for saving his life.


These rules apparently don’t apply to me, however. The Ten-Tails’ power creates earthquakes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes all over the battlefield. He needs to get stronger to make sure that he can survive in the cruel and vast world. Naruto x Kim Hye-Shin. Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Sai asks Naruto if he can give chakra to the alliancebut he explains he cannot since he has not saved up enough of Kurama ‘s chakra.

With this, Obito phases through Kakashi’s Lightning Cutter, then recreates the scene where Kakashi had killed Rin in the same manner.

Obito, unwilling to give up, states that defeating him will not gain any advantage to winning the war despite having won their battle and warps back to the battlefield. With their arrival, both Tobirama and Hiruzen praise Minato for the speed. However, he is intercepted by Obito and as Kakashi calls out to Naruto to handle there, he and 63 warp each other away to Kamui’s dimension.

Kakashi calmly tells Obito that being trash has taught him a valuable lesson — that the hole can always be filled up by the feelings of his friends — going as far as to consider those who abandon those feelings way worse than those who abandon narutl friends. He then instructs Gamakichi to attack the original Ten-Tails.