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This calculation is based on IEC (, c), “Short-circuit currents in three-phase a.c. systems – Part 0: Calculation of currents” and. EasyPower offers a complete and accurate solution to short-circuit calculations in three-phase AC systems using the IEC standard. You can enter. IEC Edition INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. NORME. INTERNATIONALE. Short-circuit currents in three-phase a.c. systems –.

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The zero-sequence system impedance Z,, of the motor shall be given by the manufacturer, if needed see 4.

IEC Short-Circuit in EasyPower

The impedance of the network feeder and the transformer are related to the LV-side and the last one is also corrected with KT see 3. The factor n in figure 22 is given by: The program is designed to address short-circuits in meshed networks. EasyPower provides the option of showing a warning when the short-circuit duty percent is above a user defined safety margin threshold but below the violation level.

Proof of the Stability of Low-Voltage Systems With respect to equation 99 in table 3 the steady-state short-circuit current of asynchronous motors is zero in the case of a three-phase short circuit at the terminals figure 12 and equation Line-to-earth short-circuit currents for Initial symmetrical rms and peak Short-Circuit Duty Calculations EasyPower compares the short circuit results with protective device short-circuit ratings oec displays the results in the text report and in the single line diagram.

System diagram and equivalent circuit diagram for network feeders Transformer secondary short circuits. Calculated Values You can obtain the following values of short-circuit currents at the fault location for both maximum and minimum short circuit currents: Regardless of the time of short-circuit occurrence, the ieec current of the shunt capacitors may be neglected for the calculation of the peak short-circuit current.

Switches use the peak current to compare with making capacity. This figure is useful for information but should not be used instead of I calculation.


For the effective reactance of the generators, introduce: As a result, reversible static converter-fed drives are treated for the calculation of short-circuit currents in a similar way as asynchronous motors. The initial symmetrical short-circuit currents riQ,, and riQm, on the high-voltage side of the trans- former shall be uec by the supply company or by an adequate calculation according to this standard.

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In a near-to-generator short circuit, the short-circuit current behaves generally as shown in figure 2. All other static converters are disregarded for the short-circuit current calculation according to this standard. I cochez tout ce qui convient Ieec suis lehn: The implementation is as per sections 4. Symmetrical locked-rotor current of an asynchronous motor Rated current of electrical equipment Thermal equivalent short-circuit current d.

It does not take into account adjustable time delays of tripping devices. Short Circuits in Power Systems: Currents during two separate simultaneous single phase line-to-earth short circuits and partial short-circuit currentsflowing through earth IEC ,- Short-circuit current calculation in three-phase a.

Short Circuits in Power Systems: A Practical Guide to IEC 60909-0, 2nd Edition

CE1 TR2– Instead of: In the case of a near-to-generator short circuit, the short-circuit current can be considered as the sum of the following two components: I made ice wrong choice ci I purchasing agent other This part of IEC does not deal with the calculation of short-circuit currents in installations on board ships and aeroplanes.

Corresponding voltages can be displayed at the buses.

The method described above is for 3-phase short circuit. It is only necessary to uec the branches which carry partial short-circuit currents at the nominal voltage corresponding to the short-circuit location and branches with transformers adjacent to the short-circuit location.

The peak short-circuit current i, at a short-circuit location F, fed from sources which are not meshed with one another, in 609909 with figure 12, is the sum of the partial short-circuit currents: For breaking current you can choose from 0. For simplification, it is permitted to use the same value of Kas for the three-phase short circuit.


IEC-60909 Short-Circuit in EasyPower

Voltage sensitivity report for 6099 with voltage below threshold Transformer Phase Shift The short-circuit calculation provides the phase angle of the branch currents and the bus voltages at various equipment. All network feeders, synchronous and asynchronous machines are replaced by their internal impedances see clause 3.

Factors ;Iminand il,,for salient-pole generators International, governmental and non-governmental organizations liaising with the IEC also participate in this preparation.

It is not necessary for the product 1, Would you like eic change to the site? Factor p for calculation of short-circuit breaking current 1, For this calculation method, an equivalent voltage source at the short-circuit location is introduced. In the case of figure 4, for instance, to the LV side.

The calculation of the minimum steady-state short-circuit current in the case of a near-to- generator short circuit, fed by one or’ several similar and parallel working generators with compound excitation, is made as follows: EasyPower uses the following c factors as the default for maximum and minimum short-circuit conditions. For transformers with delta and start wye winding connections, the clock notations 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 are supported in the database.

Currents calculated with equation 74 are larger than the real symmetrical short-circuit breaking. That is why it is not possible to give an easy method of calculating i, and id. I,, is the rated current of the generator transferred to the high-voltage side see 4. If the Joule integral or the thermal equivalent short-circuit current shall be calculated for unbalanced short circuits, replace I: Read an Excerpt Excerpt 1: Electric and magnetic devices IEC By understanding the theory any software allows users to perform all the necessary calculations with ease so they can work on the design and application of low- and high-voltage power systems.

Factor m for the heat effect of the d.