The Alien Book of Truth: Who Am I? What Am I Doing? Why Am I Here? (UFO Chronicles Series). Ida M. Kannenberg. from: $ Ida Kannenberg Biography – – Ida Kannenberg Biography and List of Works – Ida Kannenberg Ida Kannenberg Is the author of books such as Reconciliation. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Ida Kannenberg on MyHeritage, the world’s family history network.

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In North America’s oldest pyramids at Teotihuacan she is revered as the goddess of the city in union with the wind god, Mother Earth and Father Sky. I thought you were all a big bunch of weirdoes! Kannenbery Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Fine, we will read them small bits at a time and reject or accept or extend and evaluate their meaning. That was a good first attempt.

Which one would you recommend to start getting acquainted with her material? Ida, somehow your conscious mind is in direct contact as far as we have been able to ascertain, and this is the only instance in which this has ever occurred.


Quite frankly, I was not able to read this material. Telepathic contacts that were the basis of her books became regular and consistent in What Am I Doing?

Until I found her “Project Earth” in used book store, I thought that I was indeed crazy and very alone. They all said a fond farewell and then were supposed to cut out except for emergencies. It lies in the lower part of the brain, a gland that has not been identified carries and controls but does not originate the telepathic current. When did you learn she had passed away?


No answer or acknowledgement for a minute or two.

Are you an author? The content of the training was radically different in some respects, but the methodology was the same. The psychic connections can only be made by energy existences, at close range they impel energies to excite and open the centers of telepathy and others to let us see and hear through you. You will probably be told in detail how this happens as you write your books with The Nameless One.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Thanks for your information, Mike, and I will be contacting you soon.

hidden experience: Ida Kannenberg, a delightful Contactee

Someday you will have the pleasure of seeing all of this in print. Tensor sets up a palpable field around the receiver that can be experienced by those in its vicinity.

After publishing the kanennberg she done with first mentor, Hweig, in Ida mailed a box of unpublished diaries and essays along with a note to use them as I wished.

Why Am I Here? Feel free to contact me directly. It took only a few clicks, and I soon found the sad news that I suspected.

Ida Kannenberg (Author of My Brother Is a Hairy Man)

New islands are rising and anciently emerged lands are sinking. No wonder nothing jibes or makes any aknnenberg sense. Recommended first book to read: East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. TimeStar claims no authorship of personal opinions, beliefs and realities of readers. Another factor unique in our experience with you your translation is undistorted, it is concise, succinct, uncolored by bias or prejudice.


She extended a steady kanenberg in support of fellow contactees and abductees, and her first book was a manual for UFO experiencers.

Ida Kannenberg

We will check on the source of these. Get to Know Us. At which I protested loudly to whomever might be on the other end of the line. Discerning the authenticity of telepathy and psi in UFO experiences is a steep learning curve in modern society developed due to classical sciences denying psi way too long. Do not be alarmed. Learn more at Author Central.

Therefore the balance of the messages and material delivered here go slightly out of chronological sequence as the only possible way to make coherent the remainder of the experience.

We each had an individual focus of work that interacted to generate a larger sphere. Do you know anyone I could discuss her with? I am sorry to bash her writings, but this does NOT ring true. From the Et Perspective Mar 01, jannenberg Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan are sinking rapidly since the Indo-Australian tectonic plate fractured on April 11, Old cranky Tibbetts just sleeps in the guest bed and sulks. Thank uda for posting this Mike.

Only central line open now. She introduced the time travelers that contacted her in at the historic conference. The knowledge, skills and abilities of psi will come into place with time.