by. Gordon W. Prange. · Rating details · 2, ratings · 96 reviews. Decades after the attack that plunged America into WWII, At Dawn We Slept remains the. Gordon William Prange (July 16, – May 15, ) was the author of several World War II Several became New York Times bestsellers, including At Dawn We Slept and Miracle at Midway. Prange’s Tora! Tora! Tora!, published in. At dawn we slept: the untold story of Pearl Harbor / Gordon W. Prange ; in collaboration with Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon Prange, Gordon W.

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Uncovers alot about the Hawaii operation. Not a book to sit and read for pleasure, but very informative.

His sections on the Japanese are excellent. A fascinating study of how bureaucracy and hubris combine with stunning results. Prange assembled a remarkable historical study that examines the assault that — sixty years later — America cannot forget. At Dawn We Slept: Books by Gordon W. Prange was a Professor of History at the University of Maryland from to with a break of nine years — of military service overseas, and in the postwar era of military occupation of Japanwhen he was the Chief Historian in General Douglas MacArthur ‘s staff.

The readability of a book about military history is extraordinary in and of itself; however, the scholarship and sleot of this one is just unbelievable. An Environmental History since Even so, it is an excellent read for anyone serious interested in the attack. To be honest, it was here that I tapped out and put the book down and decided to call it finished. See and discover other items: It was difficult to pranfe straight all the characters.


At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor

With the 60th anniversary of the attack approaching, there no doubt will be many volumes released and rereleased, but these are among the best. Gordonn, the Pearl Harbor Commanding Officer for not conducting search flights to the north of Pearl Harbor before the attacks.

Everything else I know about the attacks come from sources in which Peal Harbor was not the only focus.

He only learned of it after he had returned from his final trip to the U. The constant diatribe on ‘revisionists’, that is, those that say Japan was maneuvered in to the attack and possibly knew it would be Pearl Harbor. Feb 16, Kendra rated it liked it. Several thousand miles of seperation gorcon allow experienced, competent leaders to misinterpret vital information with fatal results.

It’s a sad story that says more about our country’s yearning to find a scapegoat rather than acknowledge a smaller country’s ability to outsmart a larger one. Prange Limited preview – The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor. Sections of it are repetitive and it seems more like a recitation of numerous details than a coherent narrative.

I well-told history, but often repetitive. After the September 11th attacks, we heard the terrorist attacks were a “second Pearl Daan. However, whole chapters could be deleted as they essentially repeat the same information in a new layout, or offer very little to the overall picture of the Hawaii Operation. Nearly seventy years after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor to usher the United States into World War II, the event has started to lose its identity as a historical moment.


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Jonathan Mayhew and the Principles of the American Revolution. They feared having to take the stand and under oath having to reveal ULTRA out code breaking efforts I think that attitude has changed. To sept what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. On the US side, I was amaz An ambitious, academic work on the causes, reasons, outcomes slelt aftermaths of the attack on Pearl Harbor. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Instead of installing torpedo nets, sending out air patrols, and preparing to repel an attack, Kimmel and Short Short especially were obsessed with sabotage and fifth columnists.

At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor by Gordon W. Prange

From Infamy to Greatness. Kimmel and Short followed their orders implicitly as written but were scapegoated for the disaster by those responsible. This text is such an incredible source of historical information regarding Pearl Harbor. At Dawn We Slept: Nagumo canceled this wave. Although I am interested in WW2, and Japan past and present I found it quite a dry read even for a non-fiction book.

It was one of the top men in the Navy. This book is a project. At Pearl Harbor, it’s not that we were sleeping, but that all the stars aligned for Japan. The unexpected can happen and often does.