Ghazwa-e-Khandaq’s Lesson for All Pakistanis. When God’s Help Read this same event excerpt from two urdu and one english book. 1. Ghazwa e Khandaq Ke Baare Main Muqamal Maloomat: ARY QTV: Ghazwa-e- Khandaq (Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab) Ka Waqia – Urdu. English (US); Español. The Battle of Khandaq (Arabic: غزوة الخندق, Battle of the Trench) or The Battle of Aḥzāb (Arabic: غزوة الأحزاب, Battle of the Confederates) took.

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The crisis showed Muhammad that ghazda of his men had reached the limits of their endurance. Mujahid Mansoori 45 Dr. Confederations al-Ahzab comprising of three armies by the command of Abu Sufyan arrived in Medina. On Mount Dhubab well-known as Jabal al-Rayaabout meters away from the Northwest of al-Masjid al-Nabawi and meters far from the North of Mount Sal’, there is a mosque which recently was renewed and krdu, so-called as Masjid al-Raya.

And you may use the plunder the Lord your God gives you from your enemies. Nu’aym met the Prophet s covertly. When they came upon you from above you and from below you, The Messenger of Allah came out with the believers, who numbered nearly three thousand, or it was said that they numbered seven hundred. Aafia Siddiqui case 73 Dr. Then, they visited Banu Sulaym b.

Then, he visited Quraysh and Ghatafan and informed them about Banu Qurayza’s regret and disloyalty. The women and children were in the strongholds of Al-Madinah.


Ghazwa-e-Khandaq’s Lesson for All Pakistanis | Forums

,handaq Hussain Khan 1 Dr. Remember Allah’s blessing upon you when the hosts came at you, and We sent against them a gale and hosts whom you did not see. The Bedouins, the Ghatafan and other Confederates from Najd had already been compromised by Muhammad’s negotiations.

Touseef Ahmed Khan 2 Dr. Some sources believe it was Shawwaland some others refer to Dhu l-Qa’da.

Battle of Khandaq – WikiShia

Some miracles ascribed to the Prophet s about satisfying Muslim’s hunger have been narrated. Thus the Confederacy should not give a single man as hostage. In April Muhammad raised a force of men and 10 horses to meet the Quraysh army of 1, at Badr for the second time.

As following plans, Jews mentioned earlier met Ghatafan tribe, led by ‘Uyayna b. He told Nu’aym to undermine the enemy and to arise disputes among them. The men — numbering between and [34] — were bound and placed under the custody of Muhammad ibn Maslamahwhile the women and children were placed under Abdullah ibn Salama former rabbi who had converted to Islam. Muhammad Basheer Shaheen 1 Dr.

Ultimately, ‘Ali a volunteered and went for the challenge with the Prophet s ‘s consent. Anwar Sadeed 13 Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Azhar 5 Dr. In that situation were the Believers tried: Unfortunately, it has been shut off by some cement blocks for a long time. Women uurdu children were moved to the inner city.

Get daily compiled columns from leading newspapers of Pakistan. Rafique Ahmed 1 Dr. The Battle of the Trench Arabic: Naeem Sidhu 2 Ch. The Qurayza should thus demand Confederate leaders as hostages in return for cooperation. The Prophet s specified forty Dhira’ ghawa twenty meters for every ten people and made each tribe responsible for digging each part.


This could be the chief cause of the war. He first went to the Banu Qurayza and warned them about the intentions of the rest of the Confederacy. The slogan, ‘Allahu Akbar’ God is the greatest from the dust confirmed Ali’s victory.

Muslims feared very much, since they were nervous about their family condition inside Medina situated at the back of their domicileand they had to confront those enemy warriors passing the trench every now and then. Battle of the Trench. Ha Mim, la yunsarun means the enemy will not conquer.

Battle of the Trench

Ar Khalid 8 Dr. They came back to the Prophet s and notified him by naming the two tribes ‘Adal and Qara.

There were or in all, though some put the figure as high as or Akhtab eventually managed to enter and persuade them that the Muslims would surely be overwhelmed. The Prophet s had selected Ibn Maktum as his stand-in in Medina. The confederates were forced to withdraw in a state of panic and confusion.