You will find two tutorials in this post, one on Getting Started and the other on Importing Images. More will follow. FSN Pro – Filterstorm Neue for.

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If there are many versions, double tapping the image will bring you to the versions screen where you can choose which version you would like to edit. Your browser does not support the video tag. Tapping the iPad Photos button the first button in the library tab will open up FSPro’s filtestorm picker which looks like the below image:. This overview page will give a description of the basic interface and operation of FSPro.

Features have been added, and some interface elements changed.

In this screen you can tap on any individual album to highlight it, and then tap the Import Selected Album button to bring all images from that album into FSPro’s library. Popovers are contextual controls that appear throughout FSPro. This site is an encyclopaedia, a compendium of detailed and meticulous work. To rename a collection, simply tap and hold on the thumbnail for that collection.

Filterstorm Neue

Likewise, in filtrestorm second image the curve is below the diagonal, darkening all pixels. Masking allows you to selectively apply edits to parts of the image. Most Notably, The “Apply” and “Apply with Mask” buttons for any given filter now reside on the bottom right hand of the screen, represented by the below icons respectively.

When you export an image, the name you give will be used as the filename. On that screen you can select as many or as few of the images in the album as you like to import. If you find any joy and stimulation here, please consider becoming a Supporting Member with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, or possibly making a one-time donation.

In the third picture, the tutrial half of the curve is tutorjal the diagonal and right half above. Thanks for all the work you guys do! When you see the term Library on the top of the screen, every thumbnail represents a collection of photos.


It’s possible for a curve to be applied in different manners. It is intended for people less comfortable with iPad filterrstorm photo editing software and should be skipped if that doesn’t describe you, though the walkthrough video is still recommended. Please note that the low frame rate is due to the method used to record tktorial video.

The other sections will go more in-depth. When viewing your library of photos the tab drawer contains the tools to import, move, batch edit, tag, and export images. Currently Filterstorm Neue only has RGB curves the curve you set is applied to the red, green, and blue channels separatelybut this will be changed in the future to include luminance curves the curve is applied to the brightness value of each pixeland individual channel curves in the future.

In this way you can increase or decrease contrast, and control in a sense where that contrast occurs. While most functions are meant to be easily discoverable by the user, some functions which can speed up use are not immediately apparent.

This is filtrestorm the base line of the curves is diagonal. You can rename images within a collection the same way. In the first picture, the curve lies entirely above the diagonal, meaning every pixel regardless of brightness will be lightened.

About Filterstorm Pro

FSPro allows you to organize photos into what are called Collections — another term for “album” or “folder”. The contents of collections represent individual photos.

The top right point similarly means that “pixels which are initially white on the right will remain white on the top “. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A popover like the image below will appear with a text box for the new name.

The curves tool provides a simple, extremely powerful way to brighten, darken, and add contrast. Introduction Filterstorm Pro FSPro is a powerful piece of software meant to make tagging and sending images as quick as possible. One thing I’m always trying to encourage new photographers to do is learn the curves tool. Anywhere you see fulterstorm thumbnail represented as a filtersyorm of images, double tapping will show you the contents. This increases the contrast of the image.


Basic Operation A description and demonstration of the basic operation of Filterstorm Neue. Curves work somewhat similarly to the equalizer on a sound system A more accurate analogy would be to a dynamics processor. By changing where the curve crosses the diagonal, you can change the inflection point of the contrast effect.

After reading this section, please watch the masking demonstration video above to see how curves and masking combined can quickly filtegstorm an image. When Editing an image, it contains all the controls for cropping, scaling, and applying filters. The three curves shown above represent brightening, darkening, and adding contrast. Bringing you ad-free TheAppWhisperer. They are generally activated either by tapping a button, or by tapping and holding on an image thumbnail.

However unlike the equalizer, the vertical component of the graph also goes from dark to light, rather than quiet to loud.

Mobile Photography Tutorial – FSN Pro – Filterstorm Neue for Professionals – Getting Started

The interface is smooth on the actual device. You will find two tutorials in this post, one on Getting Started and the other on Importing Images. The bottom left point means that “pixels which are initially black are on the left will remain black on the bottom “.

This will bring up delete buttons on every thumbnail visible and allow you to delete collections, images, or versions.