Earias vittella female (Photo: courtesy of Buck Richardson, Kuranda, Queensland ). The adult moths are off-white with a green or brown stripe along the middle of. Overview. Last modification: Basic information. EPPO code: EARIVI; Preferred name: Earias vittella; Authority: Fabricius. Other scientific names. An artificial diet was developed for mass rearing of the spotted bollworm Earias vittella (Fabricius) in environmentally controlled conditions (27±1°C, 65±5%.

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Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities, 10 2: Need based application vittellaa pesticide on some bhendi varieties for control of the fruit borer Earias vittella F. Host-Plant Resistance Considerable resistance to Earias has been recorded in several wild species of Gossypium Anson et al. Sawhney K; Nadkarny NT, Components of female ezrias pheromone of spotted bollworm, Earias vittella F. Field experiments on the effects of neem products on pests and yields of okra Abelmoschus esculentustomato Lycopersicum esculentumand onion Allium cepa in the Sudan.


Andhra Agriculture Journal, Studies on the growth of the population and distribution of Trichogrammatoidea sp.

Earias vittella

Journal of Entomological Research, 19 3: Ovipositional preference and damage by spotted bollworm Earias fabia Stoll in cotton. Title Larva on okra.

Cotton Bollworms in India. The larvae tend to move from boll to boll and damage may be disproportionate to their numbers.

Annual Review of Entomology, 7: Far fewer predators have been recorded, probably due to the inherent difficulties in observation. Some biological and bionomical observations on Earias fabia Stoll.

Terminal shoots are bored initially, with attack moving to flower buds and fruit as they appear.

Bulletin of Entomology, 25 1: Go to distribution map EU pesticides database www. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need.

Role of exotic and indigenous parasites Trichogramma brasiliensis Ashmead, T. Earias vittella Fabricius, Lep.: Kamath reported that B.

Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 83 2: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, pp. Journal of Advanced Zoology, 5 1: Madras Agricultural Journal, 72 2: Environment and Ecology, 5 3: Economic threshold for bollworms control on arboreum cotton.


EPPO Global Database

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