Tantric Yoga The Science of Psycho-Physical Transformation The Three . The present work by David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) is ideally suited to. Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda | Author: David Frawley | Foreword: George Feuerstein | List Price: $ | Pages: Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses is an excellent book introducing the essence of Hindu Tantrism. the book discusses all the major David Frawley.

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Contrary to this view of Tantra as world-affirmative, we should note that the predominant form of Tantra in India today — the worship of the Goddess through the Shri Chakra — is generally presented from the perspective of non-dualistic Vedanta. Lists with This Book. Characteristics of Tantric Texts Traditional Tantric texts are said to relate to the five following topics: The massive stony mountains of South India also often look like Shiva lingas.

The first is a renunciate tradition in which all sexual activity is voluntarily given up.

To contact the Divine Mother and com m une with her powers unfolds the various degrees and stages dxvid our own inner transformation. Vavid Goddess represents what is to be known, what we are drawn by an inner fascination to discover. Yet Shiva himself is a mountain, particularly in the form of massive stony mountains that jut in triangular forms above treeline, which are common in the high Himalayas.

Woman has the power and potency to create new life.

While Durga is more appropriate to call on in extreme danger wherein we need help against negative forces assailing us, Tara has the additional power to lift us up in life generally. He also introduces the reader to the core Tantric practices of meditation and mantra recitation, focusing on the ten Wisdom Goddesses”. The Mantra is the sound- form of the deity, which is the power of consciousness that is the main propulsion toward realization.


However marvelous a vehicle the body may be and however much we can learn from it, there is no more bodily fulfillment than there is fulfillment for our automobile, which like the body is an instrument of experience but not our true identity. Here she is the giver of die highest transformation, which is Self-realization.

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda by David Frawley

As the ultimate obstacle we have to cross over is our own mind, Thra provides the power to take us beyond the turbulent waves of our thought currents, which are nothing but a fragmentation of the sound current or Divine Word. The Devi Bhagavata Purana, one of the most important Tantric works on the worship of the Goddess, gives such a teaching.

Like the blue-black rain cloud she has her lightning illumination that strikes decisively.

This is to prepare yogq foundation for our examination of the worship of the Goddess and the practice of Tantric Yoga in the following sections of the book As we explore the different forms of the Goddess, we will note the many different levels of significance each Goddess relates to and the many different ways in which her energy can be contacted. He presented all the correlations of Tantra tantrjc outer ritual to the highest spiritual knowledge, and from its ancient Vedic roots.

They represent the deeper truths of life hidden behind our attachment to the outer forms of things. Ultimately, time is being itself, the unborn.

Open Preview See a Problem? Kali is the active power coming from Lord Shiva, who as transcendent reality is beyond action or motivation.


Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses : David Frawley :

This is the practical part of the book for yogic practitioners. Magdalena rated it liked it Oct 04, The Yantra is a geometrical design on which various mantras may be inscribed, through which the deity, the Tantra and the Mantra can be visualized and internalized.

Fralwey, I would emphasize that it is a rare and dangerous approach which deprives us of the safeguards designed to protect us along the spiritual path. The traditional role of Kundalini is different than the way in which it is generally viewed today, which is to regard it as a mere force to control and harness.

To take these things literally is to miss their point altogether. Ha contribuido muchisimo a nuestro conocimiento del valor de Ayurveda.

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda

These Goddesses are personifications of the feminine aspect farwley the Divine. All of our thoughts originate from the I-thought. Many Western seekers think of Tantrism solely in terms of its sexual practices, and not a few who actually immerse themselves in Tantric teachings do so merely for hedonistic reasons.

In fact some yantras for different deities — like those for Dhumavati, Matangi and Kamala among the Ten Wisdom Goddesses — are the same except for differences in color.

The symbol is not a representation of sex; rather the sexual organs are one of the manifestations of the cosmic forces represented by the symbol.