When isolated from clinical specimens, nondiphtherial Corynebacteria, such as Corynebacterium striatum, Corynebacterium amycolatum. ABSTRACT. We describe an unusual cluster of Corynebacterium striatum infections in 21 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) admitted. Objective: To evaluate the clinical significance of and describe factors associated with Corynebacterium striatum infection. Methods: A.

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The majority of cases of C.

Successful treatment of Corynebacterium striatum endocarditis with daptomycin plus rifampin. We obtained XbaI macro-restriction patterns of the 63 C. C content, with close phylogenetic relationship to ArthrobacterMycobacteriumNocardiaand Streptomyces.

Corynebacterium striatum Bacteremia Associated with a Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infection

In all cases the Corynebacterium were isolated after two different culture sets. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association. In our strains, single amino-acid corynevacterium in position 87 corynbacterium the GyrA protein generated ciprofloxacin resistance but double mutations in the gyrA gene leading to changes in positions 87 and 91 were necessary for high level resistance to ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin. She had two comorbidities: Susceptibility of 63 Corynebacterium striatum clinical isolates to 16 antimicrobial agents.

Campanile F, et al. Therefore, surveillance of MDR C. Rapid emergence of daptomycin resistance in clinical isolates of Corynebacterium striatuma cautionary tale.


This work highlights the high prevalence of multi-resistant strains and resistance genes among the C. However, intermittent hemodialysis was continued due to liver failure and renal failure, and an IABP was necessary again after a worsening of cardiac function on day Corynebacteria grow slowly, even on enriched media.

Linezolid has also shown an excellent activity, with MICs routinely below 0.

In conclusion, although Corynebacterium could be isolated from a blood culture as a common contaminant, in certain case this observation could conceal a dangerous infection.

The bacteria grow in Loeffler’s mediumblood agarand trypticase soy agar TSA. Complete genome sequence, lifestyle, and multi-drug resistance of the human pathogen Corynebacterium resistens DSM isolated from blood samples of a leukemia patient.

We describe the high incidence of drug resistance in striayum C.

Corynebacterium striatum: a diphtheroid with pathogenic potential.

Indexed in Web of Science. It is also a multidrug-resistant pathogen causing high morbidity. The sequences of the QRDR region of the gyrA gene of 21 isolates categorized as resistant or intermediate to fluoroquinolones were compared to that of the quinolone-susceptible C.

Clinical microbiology of coryneform bacteria.

The illness progressed to disseminated intravascular coagulation DIC and disturbance of consciousness on day 67 of admission. Three of the conserved signature proteins have homologs found in the genus Dietziawhich is believed to be the closest related genus to Corynebacterium.

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of the C.


Bacteria classification phyla and orders. Since most of reports classified C. In fourteen of the 21 fluoroquinolone-resistant C. Thus, several outbreaks of clonal multidrug-resistant C.

Corynebacterium striatum: a diphtheroid with pathogenic potential.

The bacterium was detected from corynebacteroum removed central venous catheter tip too. Expression of functionally active human epidermal growth factor has been brought about in C. Antimicrobial susceptibilities were determined by micro-dilution in cation adjusted Muller-Hinton broth and interpreted following Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute CLSI guidelines The term “diphtheroids” is used to represent corynebacteria that are non pathogenic ; for example, C.

In an earlier report using the disk diffusion method, Martinez et al.

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Consideration of whether an isolate represents infection, colonization, or contamination is based upon clinical assessment. Resistance to quinolones in Corynebacterium spp.

PCR reactions were performed as previously described Both of these indels serve as molecular markers for species of the genus Corynebacterlum. Sixteen antimicrobials were tested: Medically relevant Corynebacterium species include Corynebacterium diphtheriaethe primary cause of diphtheria, and the non-diphtherial corynebacteria, which are part of the normal flora of the skin and mucous membranes.