William R. Catton, Jr., is professor of sociology at Washington State University and author of From Animistic to Naturalistic Sociology and more than seventy-five . William R. Catton Jnr. explained humanity’s overshoot situation in his book. Overshoot, The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change”. The front page. Overshoot has ratings and 30 reviews. Adam said: I’ve been Title: Overshoot Binding: Paperback Author: Catton, William R., JR. Publisher: Combined.

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My crystal ball has foggy images of the future. They had no wheels, metal tools, or domesticated livestock. Yes, technology will help increase carrying capacity, but is it rational to believe that it will continue to do so indefnitely?

William Catton: Overshoot and Bottleneck

A crash is inevitable. Catton served as president of the Pacific Sociological Association and as the first chair of the American Sociological Association Section on Environmental Sociology. From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience. I like your Overshoot chapel.

Yes, things are a bit rough now, but recovery is just around the corner, probably tomorrow. Want to Read saving…. When communities lived with enlightened self-restraint, salmon and bison could be renewable sources of food for tens of thousands of years, or more.

And as far as people dying, my guess is that unfortunately, it will happen in places that are already vatton and already have lots of people dying. The crazy cornucopian pipedream has become the primary worldview in most societies. Paperbackpages.

William Catton’s warning

Our glorious leaders worked tirelessly to increase drawdown and worsen overshoot. A similar fight is involved in turning the climax, or steady state community of wilderness into the overshiot ecosystem that is crop fields.


Overshoot continues to be a source of conceptual insight and existential inspiration regarding the ecological basis of human societies, especially to those who see a threat posed by peak oilclimate change, and other ecological pressures Overshokt either identified or anticipated.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. He expresses my own views pretty well.

As fossil fuels, clean water, arable land, minerals, etc, are exhausted, we WILL experience an extremely unpleasant die-off, accompanied by a likely total collapse of our civilization. We have no limits. ComiXology Cathon of Digital Comics. The crash was due to a fungus which in effect started competing with humans to consume potatoes.

Leaning on the same mindsets that freed some tl;dr Fossil fuels have enabled man to greatly exceed the carrying capacity of the Earth, but since they are finite, population crash is inevitable.

Up to this point, we increased carrying capacity by takeover, expanding into new habitat and pushing out other species. He had a long life, relatively speaking, and I hope it was happy. The author seems to be coming from the point of view of trying at all costs to avoid people dying.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Catton’s work is exceptionally well-written, compelling, and well-researched. Prelude to Collapse – with stages of ecological understanding, excerpted from www. You and I would probably not last long as nomadic foragers. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was given the ability of prophecy with the added curse that nobody would listen to her.

The consequence is that we are not only well beyond the sustainable carrying capacity of the planet, but are actively undermining that capacity for future generations in our zest to maintain the impossible.

It gives more examples of population pressure causing communities to villify others.


The author believes that innovation of technology can provide substitutes to currently exhausting resources and expand the carrying capacity infinitely. The limiting factor was usually food, but it can also be water or oil. This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic.

I think I’ve documented several important parts of how we bring about our own demise, thinking we’re fixing things and actually making the next thing proportionately more difficult to fix.

Sequel to Overshoot” by Phil Ardery, Jr art http: As the rate of oil extraction declines in the coming decades, there will be many growling tummies. Until then we have a system of perpetually multiplying investments targeted opportunity for removing bottlenecks. Catton gets so many things right that it feels a bit like nitpicking to note that he doesn’t understand either wind or solar power and thus comes down against themand that he didn’t foresee the vast strides science and technology would take in the next 30 years thus creating opportunities to sustainably maintain a high level of civilization.

Faith versus Fact Fundamentalism is interpreted as a result of antagonism due to population pressure. Turns out that may mean complete environmental devastation, and spoiler for the second-to-last chapter possibly even a nightmarish simplification oversgoot world ecosystems, condemning our descendants to yo-yo in population like lemmings.

Something akin to bankruptcy was the inevitable sequel.