Rheological characterization of microcrystalline cellulose dispersions: Avicel RC G. J. BROWNSEY. Dr G. J. Brownsey, Food Research Institute, AFRC. 1. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Middle East Amman, Jordan Tel: + 6 Fax: + 6 Latin America Montevideo, Uruguay. Material Safety Data Sheet. Avicel ® RC Suspension. SDS #: B. Revision Date: Version FMC BioPolymer.

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Flowability agent Anti-caking agent. Description White crystalline powder or colorless crystals.

Meyer and Cohen in 6 suggested that yield value is an important mechanism to keep a particle suspended. Colloids will be demonstrated. One perhaps would not care fc know what makes toothpaste retain its shape after it is squeezed onto the toothbrush or what governs the pouring of ketchup from the bottle, but many biological processes depend on the rheology or viscosity of body fluids without which blinking of the eye tearsswallowing saliva or joint movement synovial fluid would not be possible.

Apparent Yield Stress Hydrocolloid xvicel have yield stress. The most common method of increasing viscosity is by adding a suspending agent. Examples of disperse systems are suspensions, emulsions, creams, ointments, aerosols, pastes, etc.

Avicel RC/CL, Microcrystalline Cellulose and Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, NF, BP – PDF

Description Carbomers are a range of polymers which are used in a wide range of personal. Redispersion of the drug after caking is often impossible. Benzoic Acid Preservative ph of the system should be below 4. When chemicals are present. Oral Solutions Formulation of oral solutions Oral liquids containing one or more active ingredients dissolved in a suitable vehicle Check solubility of drug If decide to formulate as a solution will have. Its viscosity is unaffected by temperature.

Qs to volume with sufficient deionized water. Brine Fluids Drilling Fluids, Inc. Colloidal Avicel is compatible with many other hydrocolloids such as alginate, carrageenans, carbomer, guar gum, pectin and the cellulose ether avicwl Temperature, C Emulsion Aggregation Toner Technology In my article in this publication in a previous issue, I described the first commercial process for manufacturing chemically prepared toner.


Avicel RC/CL, Microcrystalline Cellulose and Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, NF, BP

Do the particles in this state have a definite. One exception is that preservatives, such as methyl and propyl paraben, will not affect Avicel RC hydration. Examples include complex biological More information. The Yield Stress is defined as the minimum stress that must be exceeded before any flow begins Figure 9. The large number of small microcrystals foster product elegance by slowing the rate of sedimentation, increasing the stability of a dispersion, and eliminating hard packing of settled particles.

Viscosity control Can solubilize small percentage of drug.

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Dynamic viscosityphase angle, and tan are additional viscoelastic parameters one can measure to explain the viscoelastic properties of a suspension. To ensure that the preparation comply with product More information.

As shown in Figure 8, only the Newtonian system gives a straight line. The svicel Figures Water is the medium of choice to disperse Avicel RC using low shear or high shear mixing. In the presence of certain ions such as calcium or potassium, gels of great strength are formed with definite melting temperatures. It was discovered in the late fifties in the research laboratories of the US Department. This flocculated colloidal dispersion settles but prevents hard packing of suspended materials.

Yield Value Reducing the difference in density between the particles and the dispersion medium can also lower the rate of sedimentation. The use of polymers is another zvicel to achieve flocculation. SCOPE This Standard applies to dairy fat spreads intended for use as spreads for direct consumption, or for further processing, More information.

Order of addition — Avicel colloidal should be dispersed in water before other ingredients are added. However, when we apply force to a fluid, it. Avicel RC colloidal particles help create a stable oil-in-water emulsion by: Properties of Solutions Rrc mixture is called a solution o Can be solid, liquid, or gas Each of the substances in a solution is called a component of More information. To outline polymerization techniques and describe approaches to reducing.


Weigh and add the required amount of viscosifier Avicel CL to the water and stir using either a Scott Turbon mixer or a Silverson rd.

Water Dispersibility Alginate is readily water dispersible and can be either pre-blended with other drug excipients like sucrose or wetted with glycols prior to water addition. It is the suspending agent that is used primarily to control or minimize sedimentation. For perfectly viscous materials such as water or oil the delta value is This means that a plot.

Gamonpilas 1 and N. Consideration of this phenomenon and formulating with an optimum colloidal Avicel level will result in a well structured suspension vehicle that will not exhibit any phase separation for Because the viscosity of non-newtonian systems varies with the shear rate, the term apparent viscosity is used for a measurement at a given shear rate especially where the rate of shear is not known.

RC and CL types of Avicel microcrystalline cellulose MCC are water-dispersible products for use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations. In this case, the point of complete or maximum RC peptization must be predetermined, and an in process viscosity control has to be established in order to equate time versus number of passes through a colloid mill or homogenizer versus viscosity.

I Improper order of addition ——- as noted above. Suspensions made with colloidal Avicel have strong elasticity solid-like properties that enables them to suspend rd particles and increase shelf life despite their liquid behavior. Avicel RC will not form colloidal dispersions in alcohols or glycols.

Based Heat Transfer Fluids.

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It flocculates with small amounts of electrolytes, cationic polymers and surfacants. Effective stabilizer and protective colloid. Thamjedsada 2 1 National Metal and Materials Technology.