Austensibly Ordinary by Alyssa Goodnight – book cover, description, publication history. Austensibly Ordinary. Alyssa Goodnight. Trade Paperback. February 2, Kensington. pages. Buy Now. RRP $ Austensibly Ordinary (Book): Goodnight, Alyssa: When she discovers a journal that could be linked to Jane Austen, English teacher Cate Kendall, in need of a.

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Not only the whole alter ego thing, but the fact that she thought the messages from the magic journal were meant for her to start matchmaking others, not meant for her. She became a total bombshell over night. It was incredibly fun to puzzle out which character in this book matched with a character in Emma.

Other books in the series. When a person writes an entry orsinary the journal, “Jane” erases all but a few words, leaving a pithy, vague, fortune-cookie-fortune sort of message for the reader.

Oct 12, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: I never understood her fixation on the flirty man she met since how would she ever have a real relationship with him if she told him nothing about herself. Except it’s still very entertaining.

Apparently, there’s a “first” book, Austentatious that tells about the previous journal’s owner. Minor subplots and secondary characters playing as foils in a comedy of manners, in fact, steal part of our lead couple’s thunder. I started skimming because I knew from the very first ordinarry who she would end up with and was just curious to see how that relationship panned out.


Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. These pieces of advice nudge the heroine in the right direction eventually, but they’re so vague that the heroine generally takes some major detours along the way, much like Jaye does in episodes of Wonderfalls. Plus Ethan knows how to push all of her buttons and that is just so much fun to sit back and watch. She tells him about every guy and every date, and he always finds something wrong with all of them.

Austensibly Ordinary

To me, Pride and Prejudice feels like a classic romance novel and Emma like a humorous romp. I just loved this book. The book is also very, very sexy without getting graphic. Gypsy Jane, however, liked dishing it out on a regular basis.

Exactly what you want when you’re looking for a ajstensibly book. So when Cate decides to stir things up a bit, she gets more than she bargained for. I so hope she writes more. Cake never orrinary me any trouble. And yet, as frustrating as it was to see her completely blind to what was in front of her, Cate is still very much an everywoman. It adds a whole other layer of hilarious to read about the sassy exploits of a character who shares a name with someone you know I love the carriage scene with Mr.


Our heroine uses these gleaners, and abruptly her ordinary life is no more.

Austensibly Ordinary – The Librarian Next Door

First off our main character, Cate Kendall, is a high school English teacher. Austensibly ordinary, Alyssa Goodnight. Resource Description Namespaces http: This journal is supposedly possessed the spirit or soul of Jane Austen.

Maybe I should create a austensiby for “Skimmed. I hope she writes one based on Sense and Sensibility In the second installment of the Jane Austen’s Diary series, romance author Alyssa Goodnight guides her young heroine in her quest for Mr.

Jane Austen’s Diary 2 books. Yep, while asking questions and writing down the answers, Cate notices that once again, a cryptic message is left behind – one that points to Ethan.