[14] ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE NORMAS TÉCNICAS – ABNT. NBR, Cabos elétricos — Cálculo da corrente nominal —. Condições de operação. is a place to share and follow research. nas suas instalações cabos não halogenados, além é claro, de seguir os critérios da NBR Instalações Elétricas de Baixa Tensão I – ABNT NBR

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The effect of age and smoking on the result of coronary angiography was compared to the effect of vaspin using the binomial regression. In order to distinguish one class from another, four local motions suggested by doctors were investigated stepwise, and differences between levels were evaluated using t-tests.

This property makes it possible to use diamonds for multiple industrial and technological applications. This is an attractive property for practitioners, because many image processing tasks are too large to choose SVM parameters using cross-validation. Most of the experiments used cell attachment and cell proliferation to investigate bioresponses of the implants.

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51920 Background Classification and variable selection play an important role in knowledge discovery in high-dimensional data. We have applied a dual-pulse laser -induced breakdown spectroscopy DP-LIBS to sensitively detect concentrations of boron and lithium in aqueous solution. Patients were divided into two groups. In this research, two different processes have been developed.

Moreover, SVM is a powerful method that is used for modeling datasets with complex feature space, but it also has huge computational cost for big datasets, especially those with strong interclass variability problems and with more than two classes such as 3D brain images; therefore, we cannot use SVM in DCS-DLTLTI. Elastically Decoupling Dark Matter. Nr of Open Access Journals Sweden.

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Comparisons are made between Ti6Al4V with a shallow implanted boron depth profile, Ti6Al4V with a deeper boron depth profile and nitrogen implanted ahnt a plasma source ion implantation process. The possibility of an impact on future applications such as nuclear fusion without production of neutron-induced radioactivity and compact ion accelerators is anticipated. Kernel functions play an important part in the SVM algorithm. Comparison of boron and neon damage effects in boron ahnt implanted resistors.


This process is extremely important in many industrial settings, such as aerospace and rubber industries. Si samples containing B and samples containing no B P-doped were irradiated in the kV electron microscope.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The result shows that soft computing techniques i. The results obtained in this study showed the potential of the proposed method to differentiate those three important signal outcomes healthy, pathologic and noise and to reduce bias associated with clinical diagnosis of cardiovascular disease using APW.

Interesting results are reported to indicate how the combined classifier may work under various conditions.

The strategy was tested over a total of 16, The same goal is pursued within the learning using privileged information paradigm which was recently introduced by Vapnik et al. Surface modification of the hard metal tungsten carbide-cobalt by boron ion implantation ; Oberflaechenmodifikation des Hartmetalls Wolframkarbid-Kobalt durch Bor-Ionenimplantation. The number of distributions is identified without prior knowledge, based upon this representation.

The generalized Lindemann melting hypothesis has recently been used to develop a unified thermodynamic criterion for melting applicable to both heat-induced melting and abbnt crystalline-to-amorphous c-a transformation.

Consequently, the implemented system meets crucial embedded systems constraints of high performance and low cost, resources utilization and power consumption, while achieving high classification accuracy. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy has been used to assess the as- implanted damage and the crystal recovery following ELA.

YAG laser with and without refrigeration. The new approach is tested on different text corpora. A SVM and neural networks approach. The Wondama Bay water is located within the Cendrawasih Bay National Park and is potential mbr fishery resources, nrb pelagic fish such as yellowstripe scad Selaroides leptolepis Cuvier, and Indian mackerel Rastrelliger kanagurta Cuvier, However, SVM is abnh classifier for two classes.


Texture is one of the most discriminative features. This is also the first case report of the preoperative use of microperimetry and visual electrophysiology to evaluate a patient’s postoperative potential visual acuity.

Modeling of interstitial diffusion of ion- implanted boron. ICD achieves high accuracies in many problems, using its default parameters. In addition we have determined the strain distribution caused by the boron implantation as a function of depth from rocking curve measurements.

YAG laser irradiation with different cooling systems. The creation of thin, buried, and electrically conducting layers within an otherwise insulating diamond by annealed ion implantation damage is well known.

The frequency mixing process was strongly favored for parallel polarizations of the two driving beams. Among the different annealing processes, one solution is the laser thermal annealing. We demonstrate a new method, based on laser micro-machining laser ablationto make reliable electrical contact to a buried implant layer in diamond. We expect that the new SVM -based nonlinear classification of AVO attributes may be able to separate commercial gas from fizz-water in these two fields.

The ultraviolet laser employed in this study has a fixed wavelength of nm.

However, SVM is not suitable for classification of large datasets or text corpora, because the training complexity of SVMs is highly dependent on the input size. Efficacy and safety of a diode laser in second-stage implant surgery: