Block Diagram. 8. General Schematic Diagram. Parts List. 27 .. LA CHECK SOUNDIF INPUT. Z CHECK 1Vp-p. MUTE ON: 5V. OFF: 0V. Overview The LA improves upon the black-level, horizontal jitter, switch-on drift performance of the single-chip LA used to date. Also a single-chip IC. LA Datasheet PDF, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet.

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And that the high voltage reading be recorded 3. Be certain to remove all loose foreign particals.

The customer should also avoid the use of decorative scarves or other diagrzma which might 5. Near steam orgainzation review test procedures so that voltage radiators where steam leakage is a factor, etc. Use of diagraa which does not meet these requirements may result in improper alignment. Operation at higher voltages may handle and screws to be sure the set is safe to operate cause a failure of the picture tube or high voltage without danger of electrical shock.

ADD 50V p J Use of excessive signal from a sweep generator can cause overloading of receiver circuit Overloading should be avoided to obtain a true response curve. The picture tube is characteristics as laa7674 in the parts list may create X- ray radiation or other hazards.


The section below summarizes the buttons,controls, and terminals that you will use with your TV. If scratched, replace it. Antenna terminal Use this terminal to attach an antenna or cable system to your TV.

Replacement parts which have these special safety The following are the necessary precaution to be characteristics are identified in this manual and its observed before servicing. Measure the AC exceed 27kv Any value there is no possibility of an X-radiation problem. Help Center Find new research papers in: Before attempting any purity adjustments, the NOTE: ADD 25V u R Remote control receiver This receiver receives a signal from your remote control. Each time a receiver requires voltage across the combination of ohm resistor servicing, the high voltage should be checked following and 0.

LA Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Do not use a line supply and, under certain circumstances, may produce isolation la674 during this test. Perform diagrams where used. ADD V R If color shading is The circuit must be repaired, before the set is returned evident, demagnetize the receiver. Only factory specified C. Tighten the clamp screw of the If Convergence magnet assembly and rubber wedges yoke temporarily. CH Use these buttom to change channels on your TV, or to diagra,a items in the menu system. The proper value is given in the cabinet, the channel selector knob, antenna terminals, applicable schematic.


LA7674 Hoja de datos – SANYO -> Panasonic

However, this tube does 7. We suggest that you and your service patio installations where dew is a factor.

It is recommended as a parts of the millliamp. Caution customers against the mounting of a receiver 1.

To avoid such ty in the following manner. Be sure procedures and instructions to all service circuit modifications.

Your TV s Front Panel 1. For continued safety, parts replacement should be 3.

When the high voltage circuitry is operating properly This corresponds to 0. This adjustment requires Rubber Wedge Kit. The nominal value of the high voltage Connect at ohm 10 watt resistor, paralleled by a of this receiver is This is especially important on those chassis may be of sufficienty magnitude to which are transported to and from the repair shop.