May 20, In gentle rebuke to those who never saw the good side of a city, urbanist and commentator Kotkin (The New Geography, , etc.) looks at the. If humankind can be said to have a single greatest creation, it would be those places that represent the most eloquent expression of our species’s. The City has ratings and 49 reviews. Fredösphere said: This was enjoyable as a driving-around audio book. My interest is in civic design–what works.

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What I’m eager to see is how the author address the issue of social dynamics found in every civilization with those 3 criterium. December 31, Last Update: There are some interesting insights, such as the way Islamic worship practices makes it an urban-dependent movement.

Premise is that a city’s longevity rest of 3 things: Will Seattle light rail extended to Snohomish County create intolerable crowding on peak period trains in King County?

A Global History, a synoptic history of cities coming from Random House next month that I quite admire. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In joe, book, the author put forth the thesis that three elements are necessary for a city to be great.

What I’m eager to see is how the author address the issue of social dynamics found in every civilizatio A noted French theologian Jacques Ellul once said that since the fall, man has been trying to create ordered heaven that has been lost, and that is man-made city.


Japanese te Korean editions are also available. The author has opinions, which are clearly stated.

I was interested in this author because he avoids the usual intellectual’s bias against suburban life. From Babylon and Rome to London, New York and Tokyo, Joel Kotkin examines the evolution of urban life over the millennia in order to establish what made – and makes – a Kotkin follows the progression of the city from the early kotkkin centers of Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and China to the imperial centers of the Classical era, through the rise of the Islamic city and the European commercial capitals, ending with today’s post-industrial suburban metropolis.

The City: A Global History by Joel Kotkin

This was enjoyable as a driving-around audio book. Commerce — people can make a better living 3. This message may be routed through support staff. Everyone knows that security and commerce are important for cities and their growth, but he talked about places having a shared moral vision and that it was this powerful idea that holds cities together.

Joel Kotkin

Otherwise the Dutch might have fought a little harder to hold on to New York, soon to become a city of world importance. In The City, Kotkin takes us on hhe brisk and invigorating tour of cities from the Babylon of ancient times to the burgeoning exurbs of today.

Oct 10, Pages Buy.

He begins with the religious roots ccity urbanism in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and China, and takes us to emergence of the Classical City; Byzantium and the cities of the Middle East; the rise of Venice and subsequent commercial city-empires; the industrial city from London to Shanghai to Detroit ; and on to the post-industrial, suburban realities of today.


He serves on the editorial board of the Orange County Register and writes a weekly column for that paper, and is a regular contributor to the Daily Beast. Fascinating, and very straightforward.

Rather than using the pages to convince the reader, however, Kotkin tracks the notable urban developments on the planet throughout history, within an unimposed framework. Susan Barnes-Gelt Denver Post. Published October 10th by Jlel Library first published January 1st City Journal is a publication of Manhattan Institute. News and World Report. Joel Kotkin View Track.

The City by Joel Kotkin | : Books

Bob Lanier Mayor of Houston, Harold Meyerson LA Weeekly. Largest Cities in the World: Kotkin, author of an intriguing book, The City: The really juicy bit is the list of sources cited–were you to take on each and every work in the list, you would probably be qualified to recieve a PHD in Urban Planning History and theory.

Think Civilization instead of SimCity. China remained half as urbanized as Western Europe, the Mediterranean, or, for that matter, Japan from the first millennium until the present day.