The Hanuman Langur is grey washed with buff or silvery shades. Their hands and feet are black and they have long tails for balancing on tree limbs. They are. Hanuman Langur (or Grey Langur). Scientific Name. Semnopithecus entellus. Range. Western Bangladesh and eastern India. Habitats. Forest. What do they eat. Gray langurs are large and fairly terrestrial, inhabiting forest, open lightly wooded habitats, and urban areas on the Indian subcontinent.

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Hanuman langur | Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

Up to 20 years. Because they are considered sacred and also due to their less aggressive behavior compared to other primates, langurs are generally not considered pests in many parts of India. Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Volume 3: Most infanticidal langurs are males that have recently immigrated to a group and driven out the prior male.

They possibly occur in Afghanistan. Homosexual behaviour in animals: The combined head and body lengths of both sexes of S.

American Journal of Primatology. Vegetarian, eating a range of fruit, leaves and flowers.

High-ranking males from different groups will display, vocalize, and fight among themselves. Other population have seasonal reproduction.

Hanuman langurs spend most of their time walking on all fours, and they can be quite common in urban areas. Langurs can be found near roads and can become victims of automobile accidents.


Hanuman Langur

Females usually give birth to a single infant, although twins do occur. In areas with lots of food, hanuman langurs live in groups that may include a number of adult males as well as females and young, but in areas with less food, such as certain mountain habitats, there is only one adult male per group. Body size is around average for the gray langurs Brandon-Jones Mainly herbivores, their wide-ranging diet consists of leaves, shrubs, shoots, roots, fruit and seeds, to name a few!

Do you know any budding zoo keepers? Most changes in social rank in males are associated with emigration and immigration.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. They have a variable social structure but usually only 1 dominant male. What they eat Mainly herbivores, their wide-ranging diet consists of leaves, shrubs, shoots, roots, fruit and seeds, to name a few! Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. Langurs from the southern part of their range are smaller than those from the north. Nepal gray langur Semnopithecus hwnuman Kashmir gray langur Semnopithecus ajax Tarai gray langur Semnopithecus hector Northern plains gray langur Semnopithecus entellus Langru gray langur Semnopithecus hypoleucos Southern plains gray langur Semnopithecus dussumieri Tufted gray langur Semnopithecus priam.

It has been suggested that Trachypithecus should be considered only a subgenus of Semnopithecus. Gray langurs are primarily herbivores.

Infanticide is common among gray langurs. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Infants are born with thin dark brown or black hair and pale skin. Semnopithecus DesmarestType species Simia entellus Dufresne Females within a group are matrilineally related.


Alloparenting occurs among langurs, starting when the infants reach two years of age. In addition, females groom males more than the other way around. Males and females langu a group tend to be calm and cooperative. Western red colobus P. Very rarely it will eat insects. The infant will be transferred among the group females.

Gray langur

Some evidence suggests that multi-male groups are temporary and exist only in the transition period following a takeover during the mating season and soon split into uni-male and all-male groups. These monkeys live in a wide variety of habitats, from hot tropical forests to cold mountain habitats, up to 4, m 13, ft above sea level.

October 28, Written by Kurt Gron. A rough gradient of decreasing size and mass exists as one moves further south in the gray langur distribution Roonwal ; Napier ; Ray High-ranking males from different groups will display, vocalize, and fight among themselves.

The hhanuman period of gray langur lasts around days, at least at Jodhpur, India. Langurs langru considered sacred in the Hindu religion and are sometimes kept for religious purposes by Hindu priests and for training for roadside performance.

The taxonomy of the gray langur is debated, haanuman until recently, all gray langurs were subsumed under one species, S.