Ghazwa-e-Khandaq’s Lesson for All Pakistanis. When God’s Help Read this same event excerpt from two urdu and one english book. 1. Ghazwa e Khandaq Ke Baare Main Muqamal Maloomat: ARY QTV: Ghazwa-e- Khandaq (Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab) Ka Waqia – Urdu. English (US); Español. The Battle of Khandaq (Arabic: غزوة الخندق, Battle of the Trench) or The Battle of Aḥzāb (Arabic: غزوة الأحزاب, Battle of the Confederates) took.

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Ultimately, ‘Ali a volunteered and went for the challenge with the Prophet s ‘s khanddaq. Shahid Hassan Sidique 41 Dr. Abdul Qadir Khanzada 1 Dr.

Every organization and sect is welcome to get their content published on Urdu-Columns. While excavating the ground, Muslims came across an extremely impenetrable rock.

Future of Pakistan (Insha Allah): A Lesson from Ghazwa-e-Khandaq (Hardest Time on True Believers)

Then he sent for them and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches. Zahoor Ahmed Azhar 5 Dr. When the Messenger of Allah heard that they had set out, he commanded the Muslims to dig a ditch Khandaq around Al-Madinah from the east.

The Prophet khandaw had selected Ibn Maktum as his stand-in in Medina.

The Muslims found themselves in greater difficulties by day. He asked them to inform him in a way that no one found out so that it would not put Muslims in low spirits. There was another tent for Banu Ghaffar in the mosque and the blood started flowing from Sa’d’s tent to the tent of Bani Ghaffar.


Later he sent horsemen cavalry was not needed at the trench as well to protect the city.

Ghazwa-e-Khandaq’s Lesson for All Pakistanis

This was on the advice of Salman Al-Farisi, may Allah be pleased with him. The r defenders, the sinking of confederate morale, and poor weather conditions caused the siege to end in a fiasco. Even though Imam ‘Ali a volunteered to fight with him, the Prophet s did not allow him, hoping that someone else would stand against him.

The battle is named after ” trench “, or khandaqthat was dug by Muslims in preparation for the battle. The Prophet s specified forty Dhira’ around twenty meters for every ten people and made each tribe responsible for digging each part.

Allah tells us of the blessings and favors He bestowed upon His believing servants when He diverted their ihandaq and defeated them in the year when they gathered together and plotted. Sabir Hussain Khan 1 Ghazws. Babar Awan 21 Dr.

Ashfaq Hassan Khan 60 Dr. Muhammad attempted to hide his knowledge of the activities of Banu Qurayza; however, rumours soon spread of a massive assault on the city of Medina from Qurayza’s side which severely demoralised the Medinans. He sent word to Ghatafan, trying to pay for their defection and offering them a third of Medina’s date harvest if ghwzwa withdrew.

This page has been accessed 38, times. The confederates were forced to withdraw in a state of panic and confusion. Having been injured in the Battle of Badrthus being deprived of participating in the Battle of Uhud’Amr was fresh enough to throw down the challenge and call for an opponent.

Battle of Khandaq – WikiShia

By Allah it is death! What they meant by it was the remembrance of the treachery of these two tribes towards Khubayb b.


The idolators came and made camp to the north of Al-Madinah, near Uhud, and some of them camped on the high ground overlooking Al-Madinah, as Allah says:. On the day of Al-Khandaq battle of the Trench the medial arm vein of Sa’d bin Mu’ad was injured and the Prophet pitched a tent in the mosque ghxzwa look after him.

Because urru people of Adal and Qarah had betrayed the Muslims and killed them at the opportune moment, Maududi believes the metaphor means the Qurayza were thought to be about to do the same. Tauseef Ezd Khan 1 Dr. Iqbal Mohsin 1 Dr. The Quraysh veterans grew impatient with the deadlock.

Battle of Khandaq

Khandzq unity of the unbelievers and Jews in this war represents their determination to eliminate Islam. Salam Khan 6 M. But when you face the enemy, show patience and steadfastness; and keep it in mind that Jannah lies under the shade of the swords. Sahih al-Bukhari1: Naheem Masood 2 Prof. After consulting, the Confederate leaders sent Ikrimah to the Qurayza, signalling a united invasion of Medina.

Tahir ul Qadri 9 Dr. Muslims had six martyrs during this war, and eight people of polytheists were killed.