FRACTURAS de la MUÑECA • 1° comunicación de Colles () reportaba buenos variability common • Common schemes • Eponymic: Colles, Smith, etc. TRATAMIENTO REDUCCIÓN e INMOVILIZACIÓN ENYESADA. Colles’ fx, Low energy, dorsally displaced, extra-articular fx. Smith’s fx, Low energy, volar displaced, extra-articular fx >5mm radial shortening; comminuted and displaced extra-articular fxs (Smith’s fx); progressive loss .. clinical photograph of the affected wrist is shown in Figure E. Which of the following. Sessenta radiografias (anteroposterior e de perfil) de pacientes com fraturas do rádio distal foram . Starting more than a century ago, Colles, Smith, Barton.

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I got my bionic arm today. Sekalipun untuk orang yg berpengalaman sekelas mantri2 senior.

One day at a time. Upon discharge from the hospital the medication reconciliation includes an order for daily Vitamin C mg supplementation.

Are distal radius fracture classifications reproducible? Intra and interobserver agreement

Three months after the fracture she reports an acute loss of her ability to extend her thumb. The four classification systems evaluated in the present study were chosen because they are the ones that are most widely studied and used in our field to classify distal radius fractures. Cervical collea Jefferson featura Hangman’s fracture Flexion teardrop fracture Clay-shoveler fracture Burst fracture Compression fracture Chance fracture Holdsworth fracture. Variation in evaluators’ expertise may have influenced evaluations carried out on intraobserver and interobserver agreement.

However, that study demonstrated that the observer’s experience was a factor that modified the agreement.

A depressed fracture of the lunate fossa collles the articular surface of the distal radius. The conversation went something like: Last week, were your work or normal daily activities limited because of your arm, shoulder or hand problem?


Smith fracture | Radiology Reference Article |

Assessment fgatura instability factors in adult distal radius fractures. Acta Orthop Scand Suppl. Pain in your arm, shoulder or hand when you did specific activities.

In the Universal classification, the average intraobserver index was satisfactory 0. The dominant side was affected in 27 patients How to cite this article. No difficulty A little difficulty Moderate difficulty A lot of difficulty I wasn’t able to do it 1.

And I was Still abel to move and feel. Rugby is hard – if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Loss of range of motion and grip strength were also observed, but with few functional repercussions323334 So no riding for this broken rider this weekend The mean grip strength measured in kilogram-force kgf was This suggests that the conditioning in this classification had a greater impact on reproducibility than did the conditioning in other classifications. Chronic distal radioulnar joint instability can be expected to occur without fixation. There is no median nerve paresthesias.

Evaluation of simplified Frykman and AO classifications of fractures of the distal radius. For a fracture classification to be useful, it must provide prognostic significance, interobserver reliability and intraobserver reproducibility.

Barton’s fracture

Current radiographs are shown in Figure D and a clinical photograph of the affected wrist is shown in Figure E. Fractures of the distal radius: However, a notable significant relationship was observed between the two groups and the DASH score Figure This suggests that although the XRP observer had professional experience with radiographic evaluations, this observer was not using these classification methods routinely.

Fractures of the distal end of radius. It is named after John Rhea Barton —an American surgeon who first described this in The inclusion criteria for this study were that these patients with fractures had initially undergone an attempt at closed reduction under local anesthetic in the emergency service; they had undergone operations performed by the hand surgery group; had been followed up for a minimum of six months after the operation; were over 18 years of age; had signed the free and informed consent statement; had followed a postoperative rehabilitation protocol; and had not presented any previous functional deficit in the affected limb, or fractures of dislocations in their upper limbs, or exposed or bilateral fractures.


Views Read Edit View history. L6 – years in practice. The authors declare that there was no conflict of interest in conducting this work This article is available online in Portuguese and English at the websites: Journal List Rev Bras Ortop v.

The Universal rating system described by Cooney 13 is characterized by simplicity, classifying fractures as intra or extra-articular, displacement present or absent, and according to the degree of stability and possibilities of reduction. October 15, Last received: About Blog Go ad-free.

The volar and radial tilt angles and radial length was noted. The relationship between these radiographic measurements and recovery of range of motion is a matter of controversy.

Development of an upper extremity outcome measure: Pada pemeriksaan fisik ditemukan “Dinner Fork Deformity” yaitu deformitas yang menyerupai garpu.