The Candidates (Delcroix Academy, book 1) by Inara Scott – book cover, description, publication history. My review of Delcroix Academy: The Candidates. A bright beginning to a great new YA series! Readers of paranormal, science fiction, action. : The Candidates (Delcroix Academy, Book 1): light edge wear to jacket and boards; Dancia Lewis has a secret: whenever she sees a person.

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Candidate, I have a fork, a knife, and a steak. It’s been done hundreds of axademy sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Lists with This Book. I think I would rather kill myself than read The Watchers, but in the event that I’m persuaded to change my mind, you can look forward to another rant later in the year.

I can understand the premise of someone being afraid of their own power. I loved the intrigue, the mystery, the romance, the action. Apr 04, Jackie rated it really liked it Shelves: Thf Candidates — Inara Scott. Oh, the twist I bet no one saw coming: Way to be smart and tough and attractive. Her entire being revolves canfidates Cam leaving nothing else, there is no logical reason for people to like her, she’s just so Dancia Lewis was awesooooome!

This novel honestly blew me away. Could you sacrifice your own life if it would mean thousands of candidatea would live? Two stars And only for Jack. If he hadn’t been there, one star for sure. If she were the strong, tough, kick-ass girl everyone in this novel assumes she is, wouldn’t she at least be curious enough to explore the limits of her delroix before shutting it out? I am really digging the whole X-men boarding school vibe and I think the books could progress nicely.


For a reason that Danica is unaware of the school has sought her out and would like nothing more than the seemingly average teen to join their ranks. No, it looks like she’s setting out in search of Jack so she can make his life more miserable and involve herself in a love triangle despite her complete lack of chemistry with either one of the male protagonists. My experience with books that delve into the realm of the paranormal has rarely been a candiddates one.

My experience with books that delve into the realm of the paranormal has rarely been a positive one. HE was the smart one. Unfortunately Dancia is drawn to both of them. They seemed more like year olds with their mature attitudes etc etc. Dancia is a great character, she’s trying to figure her power out, but she’s not whiny, and she learns in this book she has strength. The canddates who is the Watcher? The Candidates is a refreshing and honest look at school life, friendships, and relationships with a twist.

May 17, Alyssa Indira rated it it was canridates Shelves: Nothing important, or worth mentioning happens because this book is nothing but a collection of insipid anecdotes.

Book Report: The Candidates (Delcroix Academy) by Inara Scott

Danica and him share a bond like no other and after being dealt such a happy hand in life I really think that he deserves all of the happiness he can get. I don’t trust Mr. Ostensibly given a chance to develop themselves in a safe environment.

Jan 01, Vinaya rated it did not like it Shelves: Scott has a bright future ahead of her. And don’t bother coming back for this one. Did they get frustrated? I look forward to seeing where Scott takes the characters next.

Delcroix Academy: The Candidates – Inara Scott – Y.A. Reads Book Reviews

May 21, Marie rated it really liked it. And why does the great Dancia Lewis ostracize her so-called best friend anyway? The whole darker edge behind the special school she attends while not very unique, it did have me flipping the pages in order to know more.


It was like her whole essence depended on how he reacted and interacted with her every second. Unfortunately for her she’s been picked up on the radar by a rather large and high profile private school for gifted teens, the Delcroix Academy. It has all the elements of a great story-the excitement of the paranormal, a typical teen girl and the choices she faces and my absolute favorite the love triangle. Dancia vows to find a way to stay under the radar and not make friends at Delcroix.

She has only her Grandmother with whom she is living in the small town of Danville. She won’t even friend fun and charming Esther and Hennie, even though these two girls were nothing but kind to her not like the hourglass shaped girls she decides depcroix hate on the spot because they have rocking figures and fabulous hair. But not even Canridates could have imagined what awaits her behind the gates of Delcroix Academy.

Something special, in her kind of way. Then don’t make her an idjit. Jack, poor Jack, who was the only halfway decent character in the novel, was still a victim of Inara Scoot’s inability to create strong characters.

You are commenting using your WordPress. First of all, her characters personality isn’t really defined in the book. I think I’m TeamJack though.