The horrific murder in of year-old Bobby Franks in Chicago by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb inspired this acclaimed roman à clef. Meyer Levin (October 7, – July 9, ) was an American novelist. Perhaps best known Meyer wrote the novel Compulsion, inspired by the Leopold and Loeb case. The novel, for which Levin was given a Special Edgar Award by. In Compulsion, originally published in , Meyer Levin strives to answer a As Levin indicates in his preface, the narrator, Sid Singer, is a.

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In himself, it had perhaps produced a slight quickening, but he was holding it well, Judd was sure. Con le varie fasi e le arringhe di accusa e di fesa. Paperbackpages. They bore no animosity toward Bobby Frank.

Reporter was a novel of the modern newspapers, Frankie and Johnny an urban romance, Yehuda takes place on a kibbutz, and The New Bridge dealt with unemployed construction workers at the beginning of the Depression. Per collocare contesto e sostanza qui basti qualche coordinata temporale: This book moved me deeply, to the point where I could not choose another book to read after this one for some days.

I received a free copy of “Compulsion” as a Goodreads giveway, at the time I thought it sounded quite interesting. Feb 01, Caroline rated it really liked it. All this works with brio under his pen!

Three decades had passed since he had attended the University of Chicago, his own undergraduate years overlapping with those of Leopold and Loeb, where he had reported on the sensational trial as a cub reporter for the Ccompulsion Daily News. They are the sons of millionaires and live a life of luxury as neighbors in a wealthy section of Chicago.

I believe that the lasting impact stems from the fact meyed, unlike in most other crimes, the motivation did not fall into any of the usual categories. More Than Amazing I have known about this book for decades but just got to it.


Compulsion – Fig Tree Books

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. I think this book points to something that is important for everyone to realize.

There was no question of guilt: But as Judd pulled behind the Willys, Artie glanced up and down the street in his professional way. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. It will bring to mind classic Russian psychological novels; it was a groundbreaking novel in and it stands up superbly today. I received aa ARC copy from Goodreads. No Reviews are Available. As much as this book is dark and twisted, it is also compelling and fascinating.

Then he glanced through the mullioned window. There were stains on the floor. In Artie, there was not the slightest sign of an effect. Judd would not have driven past that house; in fact, he would have gone out of his way to avoid it. The victim, Robert Franks, was the son of an equally wealthy family who lived in the community. It affects how the lawyers strategize, how the judge rules, how the witnesses testify or refuse toand how the jury decides.

The page filled; he turned it and drew a huge, elaborate cross, with an unfurled inscription. One time they were caught together in flagrante, and the boy who caught them told, which was particularly hard on them. Artie took the wheel and backed out with a roar. In che misura i giovani e non solo questi si possono considerare del tutto capaci di intendere e di volere, e come stabilirne la condanna? Included is a forward by Marcia Clark, with her usual clear eyed assessment.


I found it fascinating. But then, had not Artie secretly tried a dose once or twice before? To be above, beyond mundane conception, a crime had to be without need, without any of the emotional human drives of lust, hatred, greed. I remember being absolutely horrified when I first read the book over fifty years ago. This novel is rigorous and striking. The basis of the award-winning film starring Orson Welles, Compulsion gives a shocking fictionalized account of the Leopold-Loeb murder case – in which two young graduates of the University of Chicago kidnapped and killed a child for the intellectual challenge.


But there was a day on which this story began to be known to the world. Artie sloshed the pail of water on to the rear floorboards. Myra was there and a stupid new little girl, Dorothea, who had a crush on Artie.

Refresh and try again. There was still, from yesterday, a quivering elation, as when you catch your balance on a pitching deck.

This kind of credibility, depth, and accuracy of insight is one of the many outstanding features of Compulsion.

COMPULSION by Meyer Levin | Kirkus Reviews

If he abided by ordinary compulsiin he could never produce the actions that might in the end prove of the greatest benefit to humanity—not that even benefit to humanity should be a criterion. Artie had seized a pail and was running water into it. Please feel free to avail yourself of the following.

Judd felt slightly piqued that Artie had not come over, first thing in the morning, to share all this with him. It’s not how smart you are, but how good you are and what good deeds you do. When the author, through the voice of his alter ego, cub reporter Sid Silver, says he must imagine certain scenes or thoughts he could not personally witness, he is not merely taking artistic license to justify dramatic moments. I have been ckmpulsion with the Leopold meysr Loeb case since my school days and I am so glad I listened.

Then Artie was coming along with him to the car. Levin sued for plagiarism.