To end a long running feud, a proud Scottish lass convinced the clan’s women to refuse their men everything. Read “Claiming the Highlander” by Kinley MacGregor with Rakuten Kobo. To end a long running feud, a proud Scottish lass convinced the clan’s women to. Claiming the Highlander. Kinley MacGregor. Buy This Book. If you like your history light, your characters amusing, and a nice story to just put a.

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Before that, I was like- have to finish, review, rate and be done with it. The claiminh began the story as a careless playboy and then in the middle he claimed to be the innocent victim of sex-crazed females.

Sadly, she’s crazy about Braden, even after knowing about his scintillating character. Though the ever cautious and intelligent, Maggie couldn’t help herself from falling. View all 7 comments. I’m rolling my eyes by now whenever I’m reading about Braden’s softer feelings.

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She knows Braden is no good for her; if she really wants to save her heart and herself, she’d have to ignore him, at all cost. It didn’t really start to pull me in until around page or so.

Arsenic and old Armor. This book had me giggled one moment and then brimmed with tears the next. Maggie has always loved Braden MacAlister, but he has never seen as anything other than his friends little sister, until she stages a strike of all theclan women against the men and suddenly he is seeing her in a different light! Rejected by his English mother, spurned by his stepmother and ignored by his father, he spent part of his childhood in England at Ravenswood, where the old Earl mistreated himwas later sold by Ravenswood as a slave to the Saracens in the Holy Land, where he learnt to be an assassin, before being rescued by Henry II of England.


The men, however disagree, as women are their chattel and decide to use the youngest of the MacGregor brothers, Braden- to convince Maggie of the same. Obviously, Braden found himself falling in love with Maggie during their journey, finally catching up with her, who had always loved him. It started out as a plan between the brothers to seduce her and then bring the women out of the kirk but now, it’s something different. The most pressing being that of who is the Scorpion?

Review: Claiming the Highlander by Kinley MacGregor – Book Binge

Sin is the archetypal tortured hero, who knows everything about pain, rejection and loneliness, and seemingly nothing about love. I’ll be direct about it. I am so in love with the character of Maggie, for she is definitely the hidden-beauty of strong character and fiery independence. Witty, funny and always somehow spot-on in its exaggerations. Also, the starting of the book and Braden’s reputation. Kinley MacGregor’s books are known to be funny and fast-paced, and I think this book is a good example of that.

Aug 18, C Joy rated it really liked it Shelves: Also, the rumors concerning his affairs are mostly exaggerated.

But, Braden is shameless and has the skin of a rhino, so I wasn’t really sure it’ll work. The problem is, now the men on both sides want to kill HER! It is said that Braden MacAllister, English baron and proud Highlander warrior, can fell an enemy with a single blow—and a woman with a single kiss. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.


The hero began the story as a careless playboy and then in the middle he claimed to be the innocent victim of sex-cra I love Kinley MacGregor’s sense of humor. I like it when bad guys stay bad, people with good intentions mess things up, and playboys fall in love and vow to be faithful.

She is determined to end a feud between two highlander clans and save her brothers from dying. Only the fact that she has 4 older brothers saved her from something dire!

His musings were kinda sad regarding that and Hhighlander thought it was understandable, the way he felt about loving someone and getting married.

Talk about typical role reversal in a romance novel. It’s bad enough that Maggie couldn’t think of a single man she knew who was faithful to his wife–not her older brother nor her father nor Braden’s father–much less that she ends up with a guy who attracts women like honey to bees.

Now I’m really anxious to learn more about the tortured Sin. The first scene has three sisters working to seduce him, while the husband is away.