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What is significant in this sacred ground which was built by the Count Sudaththa is that all biddha Viharas and monasteries found there are made with solid rocks. These names are taken in to one category, one line. Next budvha the banyan tree is a deer forest stretching over an area of acres. Professor Paranavithana also had identified and declared this place as Indasaala Cave.

Somewhere closer to that period, a pair of sacred footprints of Buddha which was blessed by the Gautama Buddha is enshrined and built a Vihara.

Buddha Dharmaya

That day, the areas coming under the kingdom of Malla were stretching from Ambilipitiya to the richest upper region of river Walawe. All most all Amisa Poojasworshippingsofferings, ritualistic practices, Poojas for blessings and even methods of recitations are coming under Buddhism.

It should be highlighted that the foundations of all the sacred placed in the ancient Helabima were made with solid rocks. A roof is made under the Kataramso the waters will flow on to the roof and would not go inside the cave.

These creations are not made with bricks. But if the intention is to take it from one generation to another, then it is only Buddhism will succeed, but not Buddha Dhamma.

Buddha dharmaya.

Many more ritualistic aspects, offerings and sacrifices of this nature found in the Buddhist culture were imported to Lanka from India. Securing the view point of the white men eharmaya going against the views which are against their views, was the duty of our historians and the archeologists.


In the past, the people in Greece had a practice of sculpturing a statue of god Apollo and worshipping it. Sinhalese View all editions and formats. You too can go there and get it verified that this Vajrasana is permanently fixed to the root base of the Bodhi tree in a way that no one can shake out, change or destroy it. But in the later stage the fate experienced by them was very regrettable.

The history says that King Ashoka had planted it in the artificial Buddha Gaya built by him and had paid the due respects. The Ritigala Peak is surrounded by a mountain range and the history says that there had been another 8 sacred lands in these mountains.

This town is situated very closer to Ritigala. It means Chronicle of the Island.

That is a good example to prove that this sacred place had been a very safe place in the past. It can be seen that an attempt had been made to build Viharas and monasteries as much as similar to the ones in Ritigala in this Maanawa Kanda monastery as well. This happens in this same way to this date as well.

It rained heavy showers in the rainy season. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. In connection to the story of Ritigalaeverybody talks about someone lived in Ritigala called Ritigala Jayasena. The E-mail message field is required. Then it was the attacks by King Vijaya. Dharmaga About Help Search.

Other Buddha Images & Gatha’s

This was identified as the Indasaala cave with the help of a rock-cut inscription found in this cave. A water spring with a continuous flow of crystal clear water, ideal for drinking, can still be seen at a place called Seetha Wanaya [21] in the base of Gijjakoota Parvatha. No anyone genuinely made any attempt to find out the truth. But still, if someone had come forward and presented research based independent analytical views, dharmay were highly busy to go against those views and opinions.

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Some features of WorldCat will not be available. This dharmayaa is exactly where the sacred Bodhi tree of Hiriwadunna is resided. Mapalagama Siri Somissara Publisher: We as genuine Buddhists living in our Helabima should understand this.

But it was the period which was prior to the writing of Pali Mahavamsa. They were dhamaya from the regions which came under the ancient kingdom of Kasi and now they are identified as the ruins of Buddhist monasteries.

Hence, according to these, I agree with the idea that Buddhism was taken to Lanka from India in the past. They had done it with utmost respect and honor. It should be mentioned that in this rock-made begging bowl can stored more than hundred gallons of water.

The purpose of each story is to describe the results of good and bad deeds in former and future lives, but also to explain basic Dhamma in an entertaining way.

This book called Uththara Buddh which carried the information about the Hela Buddhist history had been in use until the Kandyan period, says the author in his book called Raajaawaliya. He was Jat of Virk gotra.