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The Tripitaka says that this Gijjakoota Parvatha is situated near the border of Veluvanarama monastery in the city of Rajagaha. Now, carefully look in to the names of the sacred places, the Viharas worshipped in the ancient times, mentioned in the Vihara Asana.

Buddha Dharmaya

Because of this, rock slates were dhadmaya with these special symbols and the followers of Buddha who lived in the ancient times used to worship these sacred footprints. But they did not disclose them to the world. King Amithodana is a brother of King Suddhodana.

The history says that King Ashoka had planted it in the artificial Buddha Gaya built by him and had paid the due respects.

Anyone who has a clear mind and can think with a balanced mind can understand this well.

Any one goes there can observe this even to this date. But the practice of paying homage to the sacred footprints of the Buddha got totally extinct. Here both sacred footprints of the Buddha and also dharmaja sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi are engraved and presented. The whole idea of using this term is to show this relationship that it has Gautama Buddha.

Buddha Dharmaya

The archeological ruins belong the Kingdom of Magadha are excavated now in large numbers from the Ampara region. A very long period like eight hundred years, the ancient Buddhist kings and the people had dhramaya this place as one significant place among other Atamasthana to go and pay their homage.

It rained heavy showers in dharmayz rainy season. And people used to go on pilgrimages vuddha these places. Thought this rock plane is not having a great height, hundreds of thousands of people can gather there at once. Until such time bufdha was not written in the history that the custom of worshipping the sacred tooth relic of Buddha was conducted in the kingdom of Anuradhapura. According to the above explanation, what we can notice is that most of the cultural aspects which are considered so preciously and believed in confidently had come to Lanka from India, we call these things as Buddhism and believe in them.


This place was known as the city of Kottiyaramtoday it is called Ichchilanpaththuwaand was the Sakyan kingdom ruled by the King Amithodana.

Buddha dharmaya. (Book, ) []

Next to the banyan tree is a deer forest stretching over an area of acres. Even though weather patterns are changed now, methods of travelling are different to the ones used in the past, this custom is practiced even to this present day by the member of the Order.

This is natural scenery for wild life. Finding libraries that hold this item There are certain cases where these same researchers had disclosed certain information about this matter as well. It should be mentioned here that it is from the very ancient times that this sacred Bodhi tree is called Sudu Bodhiya [4].

This can be seen even to this date. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. This particular sacred Bodhi tree must be living still somewhere in the great jungle in Rajagala. Most of these songs are based on the virtues of Buddha. You already recently rated this item. Later, many other invasions also came from South India.

Many more ritualistic aspects, offerings and sacrifices of this nature found in the Buddhist culture were imported to Lanka from India. This King Muchalinda in the Naaga tribe built a chamber for Buddha which is to be used for the protection from the rain and a rock seat to be used for sleeping.

In a way Buddhism can be considered as a vehicle. Preview this item Preview this item.

Other Buddha Images & Gatha’s

Raajaawaliya was written during the Kadyan period. Because of this, in the ancient time of Buddha Dhammano any evidence can be found over the practice of worshipping the statues of Gautama Buddha or any disciples of Buddha.

The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. But, the thousands of legendry ruins discovered from this area prove that it had been so rich and glorious in the ancient times.


This happens in this same way to this date as well. The custom to be seen in a traditional Sinhala wedding today where the small fingers of the bride and the groom are tied up with a white thread and pouring waters on them by an elderly person could be influenced by this tradition. Next Chapter… [1] Or named as Cetiyas. The consequence of this is the beginning of Abayagirivihara monastery in the period of Anuradhapura.

The Ritigala Peak is surrounded by a mountain range and the history says that there had been another 8 sacred lands in these mountains. It is because all these incidents were relevant to this Helabima. They created and modified the history and forced us to accept it as our history. For all these times this tree was known by the world as Asathu tree buddhha later it was termed as Jaya Siri Maha Bodin Wahanse [3]. But still, if someone had come forward and presented research based independent analytical views, they were highly busy to go against those views and opinions.

This was by the time of AD. This Vihara was used buddja worshipping and this place was popular as one of the places of Atamasthna in the past. Bkddha two sisters, Sumanaa and Sunandaa too entered in to the Order at this same place.

All most all Amisa Poojasworshippingsofferings, ritualistic practices, Poojas for blessings and buedha methods of recitations dharmays coming under Buddhism. In addition to this, the followers of Dhamma dharmaja Heladivai. It says in the history that people who come to see Buddha to Jethwanarama monastery had disappointed as Buddha had gone out by the time of their visit.

The size of the site expanded to an acre: This most ancient sacred Bodhi tree is well protected and still surviving there for anyone to go and pay the due respect and honor.