Myst: The Book of Atrus was the first book in the Myst novel series. The novel first started as a rough draft in written by Ryan Miller and then later reworked. The Book of Atrus has ratings and reviews. Lily said: stars, but I’m happy to round up for this obscure little book that’s been mostly forg. The book provides a lot of background information on the D’ni and the persons of the games. The book’s main character is Atrus, following him throughout his.

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What if, Atrus wonders, all these worlds already exist, and we are simply able to link to them when we write?

When Atrus comes to the realization that bis father’s knowledge is corrupt he attempts to fix what he has done, only to find that he was being used all along, a tool to save Gehn time. Atrus and his team set out to find linking books and atus for D’ni survivors. Needless to say he sort of succeeded. Veovis is murdered by A’Gaeris for refusing to write an Age where the two of them would have been worshipped as gods, and Aitrus sacrifices himself in order to lure A’Gaeris to an unstable Age, killing them both.

The book caught me at unawares two-thirds of the way through the last act. The game never thoroughly elaborated on the reasons behind the conflict, leaving such narrative to furtive whispers and the odd journal.

Allentown’s Fellowship of Christians in the Arts Striving for technical excellence and profound orthodoxy.

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Lastly, strus reveal near the end of the plot was a shock. If any changes are made to the Book that describes an Age, those changes will become manifest in the Age itself—for better or for worse!


The novel ends by setting the stage for the rest of the series by setting Atrus and Catherine free and living on the Age of Myst and Gehn now trapped on the Age atrks Riven.

The first, entitled Myst: In retrospect, I really wish I had read this before playing Riven.

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Take it with you and weigh everything your father teaches you against it. I was enthralled by the twists and turns, and I’m sure it would amaze everyone just the same. His father will tolerate no such thoughts, for, among other things, they would require a moral change in his behavior.

Also, the characters, while few, are pretty mature and multifaceted. The Book of Atrus is a hugely entertaining read, quick and easy and teases the imagination with what life holds if you just step out the door for a little adventure. I don’t’ think that people who are not familiar with Myst and Riven would understand what was going on and, therefore, might put the book down, but for those who have played the games, it is a wonderful insight to the world and the events leading up to the game.

Atrus is awed by the Art at first, but he is horrified when he witnesses Gehn’s manipulation and dismissive attitude to the inhabitants of the Ages. But don’t expect this to change your fantasy top ten. Jul 31, Zack Jackson rated it it was amazing. Well, you know how those free books can be: The Book Video review: I found Anna and I bought this book because I enjoyed the Myst computer game and thought it might be fun to read more about the world. Jan 23, Kristen rated it really liked it.


Most of Gehn’s worlds are unstable and if a world has inhabitants Gehn insists on be treated as a God.

In truth, Atrus and Catherine are merely imprisoned, and both Sirrus and Achenar are guilty of growing power-hungry and destroying Atrus’ books. People genuinely enjoy it, and I can fully appreciate why. If you liked the games, you’ll love the books. Archived from the original on Cyan Worlds Pyst Obduction Firmament.

The Book of Atrus, at least. But, as it turns out, I really believe vook exhaustive descriptions and scene-setting to be simply Miller’s writing style. What a cool idea! We could be any of these characters; conflicted, flawed, courageous, selfless.

Category:Characters in Myst: The Book of Atrus

At least it was when I was fourteen, fourteen years ago. But, good background info and extra plot material for those of us who love the D’Ni world. Jul 08, Joe Donley rated it really liked it Shelves: First off, before even getting into my thoughts on the book, the hardcover version of this book is beautiful!

His grandmother, Anna, raises him in a cleft in the side of a volcano, in the middle of a vast desert, where water gathers in a pool and allows them to grow enough food to survive in terrace gardens filled with fertile volcanic soil.