Medizinische Bildgebung. [Volume 7: Medical Imaging]. Ed. by Dössel, Olaf / Buzug, Thorsten M. Die bildgebenden Verfahren in der Medizin. Dössel, Olaf. Olaf Dössel. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Dössel. Sprecher der kollegialen Bildgebende Verfahren in der Medizin II · Vorlesung. Lichttechnik-Hörsaal (LTI) External. – Buy Bildgebende Verfahren in der Medizin: Von der Technik zur medizinischen Anwendung book online at best prices in Olaf Dössel (Author).

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This work presents a new approach toward a fast, simultaneous amplitude of radiofrequency field B 1 and T 1 mapping technique.

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The approximations involved in the proposed method are investigated. A common approach is to leave the structure of established models unaltered and estimate the values of a set of parameters. The coronary arteries cover only a small fraction of medkzin reconstruction volume.

In classical CT imaging metal artefacts are corrected by metal identification in a first volume reconstruction and generation of a corrected projection data set followed by a second reconstruction. Methods of biosignal analysis can support the cardiologists in classifying the signals and extract information of high diagnostic relevance.

P-waves were derived by simulating atrial excitation propagation and computing the body surface ECG. Today’s high-throughput patch clamp data acquisition methods require robust, unsupervised algorithms that estimate parameters both accurately and reliably.

Endoskopie Wittenberg, Thomas Pages In addition, a percentage of certainty is given for each electrogram to enable a comprehensive and transparent decision. In case of chest pain, immediate diagnosis of myocardial ischemia is required to respond with an appropriate treatment. More thansimulations were carried out by adjusting a variety of pairs of atrioventricular and interventricular delays and 36 different electrode positioning set-ups.

Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Results for different algorithms and different input data sets are compared. Based on the bidomain theory, the body surface potential maps BSPMs were calculated for a realistic finite element volume conductor with an anisotropic heart model. To date, the reasons for these phenomena are only incompletely understood.

KIT – Team – Dössel, Olaf

For systematic comparison of this filter with standard filtering methods from verfahrwn literature, we generated synthetic signals representing optical recordings from atrial myocardium of a rat heart with varying SNR. This review article gives a comprehensive survey of the progress made in computa- tional modeling of the human atria during the last 10 years.


Vorwort zur Lehrbuchreihe Biomedizinische Technik Pages v-x.

By aligning the origins of the different PCA coordinate systems and superimposing the single tissue effects, it was possible to estimate the BSPM for combined conductivity variations in all four tissues. The personalized model present in this research is bildbebende effective tool for therapy planning of BVP in patients with congestive heart failure. Inconsistencies in the projection data, due to bilxgebende motion, degrade the image quality.

Inhibition of the atrial ultra-rapid delayed rectifier potassium current I Kur represents a promising therapeutic strategy in the therapy of atrial fibrillation. Temporal interpolation in parameter space is used in order to estimate motion during strong motion phases.

Both simulation and clinical optimization methods identified the right ventricular RV apex and the LV posterolateral regions as being the optimal electrode configuration for the patient. To overcome this problem, in this work, parallel transmit radiofrequency pulses are adapted to meeizin position in sampling k-space. With the DC method, we also successfully reconstructed the activation pattern and origin of a simulated extrasystole.

These in silico investigations unveiling differences of mutations affecting the same ion channel may help to advance genotype-guided AF prevention and therapy strategies.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. However, the behaviour of nanoparticles such as agglomeration and sedimentation in such complex suspensions is difficult to control and hence the deposited cellular dose often remains unknown.

When comparing atria and ventricles, the lungs had a larger effect on the atria yet the heart conductivity had a stronger impact on the ventricles. The early diagnosis of this pathology is based on changes of the electrocardiogram ECGi. Therefore, we generated the aerosol with an atomizer which supplied agglomerates and thus allowed a particle deposition with a three orders of magnitude higher mass and of surface doses on lung cells that induced significant biological effects.

In addition, image quality improvement is demonstrated for clinical whole heart C-arm CT data sets when the cable removal algorithm was applied. By using the comment function on degruyter. Despite the commonly accepted notion that action potential duration APD is distributed heterogeneously throughout the ventricles and that the associated dispersion of repolarization is mainly responsible for the shape of the T-wave, its concordance and exact morphology are still not completely understood.

Initial values for these parameters are obtained by solving the linearized problem of electrocardiography in terms of activation times.


Medizinische Bildgebung

Thus we developed a software platform, which allows rapid implementation of new algorithms, verification of their functionality and suitable visualization for discussion in the clinical environment. They become more and more important for detailled diagnosis of arrhythmias and for optimization of therapy. A novel approach to decrease motion blur and to improve the signal to noise ratio is motion compensated reconstruction which takes motion vector fields into account in order to correct motion.

We studied two different amorphous silica nanoparticles particles produced by flame synthesis and particles produced in suspension by the Stober method. Methods and results In a biophysically detailed model, the ion current conductivities affected by both drugs were reduced in order to simulate the pharmacological effects in healthy and ischaemic cells. Body surface potential map BSPM is used to obtain the electrophysiology and pathology of an individual patient non-invasively.

Additionally, three different conduction velocities were examined. In this review, we discuss the current status of ECGI validation as well as the major challenges remaining for complete adoption of ECGI in clinical practice. In this work, we present a wavelet-based algorithm to detect and delineate P waves in individual ECG leads. However, experimental and clinical data on the antiarrhythmic efficacy remain controversial.

Olaf Dössel (Author of Bildgebende Verfahren In Der Medizin)

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Computer models of the heart can improve the understanding of the electrophysiological processes in healthy and diseased heart. A local cycle length coverage lCLC is computed for circular sub-areas with 20mm diameter.

During atrial fibrillation, heterogeneities and anisotropies result in a chaotic propagation of the depolarization wavefront. Targeting rotor sites with ablation did vssel stop reentries in the homogeneously remodelled atria independent from lesion size mm radiusfrom linearly connecting lesions with anatomical obstacles, and from the number of rotors targeted sequentially up to 3.

It is shown that projection based identification, tracking and verfahen of high contrast structures like cables, only detected in a subset of the projections, delivers a more consistent reconstruction volume with reduced artefact level. Using a specific formulation of Maxwell’s equations, the local SAR is estimated via postprocessing of the complex transmit sensitivity of the radiofrequency antenna involved.