Quality Expanded Metal; ASTM F TYPE1 CLASS 1 4FT X 8FT; 1/2 #18 Standard NSN: ASTM F Standard Specification for Metal, Expanded, Steel. ASTM F Standard Specification for Metal, Expanded, Steel. standard by ASTM International, 03/01/ View all product details. Most Recent.

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Expanded Metal & Grating

Bushwick Metals offers a large variety of ladder rungs ashm use in different environments and industries. EMMA is available on-line and can be downloaded at www. Close Meshed Grating 12 Closed Meshed Grating is a pressure locked grating product, produced with close bar spacings to accommodate the requirements for pedestrian comfort and safety. Standard weights are published per astj feet.

Expanded Metal U-Edging 3. Search Back Issues Expanded Standard: Could you measure it to see if it conforms to the specification?

The deviation in inches from the original plane when the grating is placed under a load. Heavy Duty Grip Strut is a one-of-a-kind plank grating sporting a hefty 24 foot clear span capability.

Expanded f2167 shall be of the following types, classes, grades such as type I-expanded, type II-expanded and flattened, class I-uncoated, class2-hot-dip zinc uncoated, class 3-corrosion resisting steel, grade A and grade B. Heavy Duty Grip Strut walkways are ideal for process plants, refineries, grain elevators, conveyor walkways, underbridge inspection walkways, papermills, etc.


Standard material is often used for its traction, in a ladder or catwalk for example, while flattened material might be used for a grilling surface. The minimum and maximum coating thicknesses shall be measured on each of the four exposed surfaces, astmm not at the corners.

Raised material, with its multiple facets, is what comes out of the expanding press. Expanded metal shall be manufactured with the corresponding thickness, design size, opening size and strand size.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety, health, and environmental practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. The distance between supporting members measured from the inside bearing point of one supporting member to the inside bearing point of the next asstm member. Traction Tread Ladder Rungs are ideal for use in hand-over-hand ladder applications where safe footing is also required. Grate-Lock lets you specify lighter gauge steel for substantial material savings.

To confirm that the product delivered is what was ordered, four dimensions can be measured see f126 Below is an introduction to both specs. Grip Strut Ladder Rungs ensure maximum slip resistance and safe footing.


Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Dimensionally, both specs are identical. To measure the strand thickness, the calipers must be flat against the thickness of the bond. By Keyword By Item.


The values given in parentheses are for information only and may be approximate. This is perfectly allowable since there is variation within gauges of base metals. Also fabricated expanded metals and gratings as per specifications. Flattened Expanded Metal-Carbon Steel 20 Non-standard, cut to size expanded metal also fabricated expanded metals and grating as per specifications.

A load that is concentrated over a Small area. Any producer can manufacture product that meets either of these specifications without being a member of the Sstm Metal Manufacturers Association or the American Society of Testing Materials.

ASTM F Metal | AeroBase Group, Inc.

These weights are based on use of Welded Grating and a base tread length of 18″. Increased load performance has been achieved through interlocking planks and a “ventilated” rung design. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard.