Anne Fadiman is the sort of person who learned about sex from her father’s copy of Fanny Hill, and who once found herself poring over a hen Anne Fadiman was growing up, she writes in her endearing collection of essays, “Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader,” her family. Anne Fadiman, author of Ex Libris, talks about her latest ‘confessions’, words like ‘ whiffling’, and perfect literary dinner guests.

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Such statements faximan of a piece with her heritage. View all 15 comments. However, I find some of her essays too erudite that anyone who deludes himself as a well-read person will be quickly put in his proper place when he reads this book.

Yet another case of had I read this book a mere few years ago, four stars would have been a guarantee, five if I was feeling especially forlorn due to few real life acquaintances even liking the concept of a book, let alone sharing my fervent devotion for the written word in bound and paged form.

‘Ex Libris’: To the Bookshelf Born

This one has excellent narration by Suzanne Toren. I had the urge to lend them to as many friends as possible in order to make up for all the caresses they had missed during their first century. The entire collection is lively, and when read or reread from cover to cover, it fadijan like a breath of fresh air. It turned out that Fadiman was not just an essayist but also edited the venerable literary quarterly, The American Scholar. View gadiman 9 comments.

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I think that’s about enough. And if I resist that one, there will October I don’t always read books about books, but when I do, my to-read list suddenly grows.


The Orations of St Gregory Nazianzen are wonderful, as are the letters he and St Basil exchanged as young men fresh out school in Athens. Her writing first appeared in Britain inwith the publication of Ex Librisa rare and enchanting celebration of e one woman’s salute to words like ‘sesquipedalian’, ‘apopanax’ and ‘goetic’, to the romance of flyleaf dedications, and to the joy of reading aloud.

I am glad that I have stumbled upon Ms. I have seriously contemplated placing bookshelves on all available walls at home and make it a priority project because of The P.

Fadiman was the editor of the intellectual and cultural quarterly The American Scholar from to I’d like to reiterate my earlier point and say, Fuck. I don’t know how many faeiman I’ve read this collection of essays about the love of books, but it has been many.

When they weren’t collecting, they would indulge their taste in ice-cream, favouring bowls of Baskin-Robbins’ Chocolate Mint ‘which we bought by the half gallon and excavated with a spade large enough to dig a grave’. I recognized myself so often and kept reading parts to my dh, who doesn’t faeiman “get” it.

Since then Anne Fadiman has continued to follow her literary nose. Finally, she finds it: And here I constantly get into fights with my mother over space constraints, and I own only measly hundreds.

Rosenblatt’s style might be called pedestrian twee.

Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

If you haven’t read Jon’s review yet, check it out: Are you a courtly book-lover or a carnal one? Jul 02, Graychin rated it really liked it. The best, fadimaan, and the saddest, is the autobiography of John Tanner titled The Falcon in the Penguin edition. And you might have come to love wine later in life too, but you had to come at it from a reeeeeally different angle.


This is one of my favorite books. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Fadiman lives in western Massachusetts with her husband, the writer George Howe Coltand their two children. Walking out, I was overcome with concern about my sister’s family and choosing not to dwell on such, I went over to a charity shop where I found Ex Libris waiting for me.

This was my first book fafiman books. I would be scurrying around in the kitchen with Mary Lamb annr she and I would do the cooking.

Monday fadian I left a funeral home in Salem, a small town north of here where I lived on two occasions; once as a child fresh from Detroit and once with my grandmother for a year during my early twenties.

Lust for words, and ice-cream too

Reading them produces in me the sort of unease I feel when watching Hollywood movies about Hollywood. This tiny book is an absolute gem!!! This short collection of essays on the reading life is a true delight of a book.

View all 7 comments.