Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Allie Mackay “Mackay is a master at penning magical tales of love across the ages.” ~ Fresh Fiction Praise for. Tour guide Mara MacDougall stops at a London antique shop-and spots perhaps the handsomest bed ever. Then she bumps into the handsomest man ever. Highlander in Her Bed. Allie MacKay. Buy This Book. Allie Mackay is a pseudonym for Sue-Ellen Welfonder of medieval romance fame.

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Highlander in her Bed

Also Mara’s Philadelphia Scottish American father was so sweet, endearing and humorous to read about, as he is Scottish obsessed very proud of his Scottish roots which I loved. It was even better the second time around as I absolutely love love loved this book! David Monteath is an amazing storyteller who brought the characters mackwy life with his amazing narration.

Unlucky in love girl with a thing for history finds herself haunted by a cranky, yet very sexy, Highland ghost. But the story is meant to be fun and sexy, which it is. Then he screws up Alex’s reputation and history has him down as a rat and an all around bad guy. The author introduces characters near the end that have no place in the story. They had it all planned bes to say Honorable Alexander had stolen it and make it look as Alexander had shamed his bride.


The characters are very well defined as this the story.

yer Very pleasant way to spend a cold afternoon, cuddled up with a pot of hot tea, shortbread, and a nice tartan spread over your lap. It is not a story to be taken seriously as there are some real big holes in the story.

A self-employed tour guide, Mara is weary from leading her charges all over London.

Too much sex, if there is such a thing! D Sensuality Hot Book Hiighlander I’m just dreaming afterall I liked most stuff but more often than not I seem to be more confused than engrossed.

One issue was the amount of errors. Highlander romances are sure to get me going. Muir, which I watched on TV reruns back in the 70s.

Highlander in Her Bed

I know that he was deceived by a MacDougall, and because of that treachery he los This zllie a nice book. I first read on KU and liked it so much I went back and bought it and re read. Apparently not, since they never did that, and he even names his son after Colin.

However, if you prefer your romances with passion and story depth you will want ij pass on this book. Then she bumps into the handsomest man All-business American Mara McDougall thinks there are no such things as ghosts.

Right before inheriting her castle she spies a medieval bed in an antique store and is fascinated with it. Except Alexander damned himself wishing himself and Collin MacDougall in hell first.


His bride set it all up. It’s obvious Collin does not believe in the power of the pin and us only attempting to infuriate Alex.

Highlander in Her Bed Audiobook | Allie Mackay |

Will they get that second chance of happiness or are they doomed to a lifetime or in Alexander’s case an eternity of misery? I will certainly look into reading Allie MacKay’s other books. Maybe finds some hidden diary that explains it all. The discovery fills her with a fire that will not be banked. Call the police if a strange man shows up in your bedroom and threatens you with a dagger! Aye, this braw warrior has endured horrors that should have seen him dead, though now it appears it’s the bloody flux that will send him to Satan’s fire.

Too frequently perhaps, for the king intends to jn their constant bickering by ordering them to wed. It is when Alex and Mara realize they love each other that we head into‚Ķ. He was an awesome friend and I can’t wait to read his book, Tall, Dark, and Kilted Refresh amckay try again.

If you can deal with that you may well enjoy it.